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From Mamta Satoor <msat...@gmail.com>
Subject Derby-310 Document and/or change Derby client code to match behavior with Embedded driver where possible
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 06:34:00 GMT
 As part of Derby-310, I have listed differences between Network Server and 
Embedded Derby for updatable resultset. I hope that this can be included in 
docs for 10.1 release so that users are aware of them.
 I have copied the text from Derby-310 for reference here
"The functionality of updatable resultset for Network Server is similar to 
what Embedded Derby supports, with the exception of following differences
1)DNC requires that there be at least one column in the select list from the 
target table.
eg select 1, 2 from t1 for update of c11 will fail in Network Server because 
driver looks at both the columns in the select list and it can't determine 
the target table for update/delete looking at those columns' metadata. This 
is not required by embedded driver. There is test for this (Positive Test2 
in updatableResultSet.java).
2)Embedded driver allows Statement name change when there is an open 
resultset on that statement object. DNC driver does not supported that. 
(Positive Test8a and Test8b in updatableResultSet.java )
3)(Positive Test20) Embedded driver allows updateString on SMALLINT, 
INTEGER, BIGINT, DECIMAL datatypes. DNC doesn't.
Embedded driver support updateBytes on CHAR, VARCHAR, LONG VARCHAR 
datatypes. DNC doesn't
Embedded driver support updateTime on TIMESTAMP datatypes. DNC doesn't 
Embedded driver supports updateObject with null value. DNC doesn't
DNC does not support updateClob and updateBlob

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