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From Mamta Satoor <msat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: DerbyNetClient/lang/updatableResultSet fails
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 20:23:38 GMT
 I am trying to understand the reasons behind updatableResultset test 
failure when using DerbyNetClient. Following is what I have found so far.
 Satheesh made a checkin on May 25th (revision 178519) to the master file 
DerbyNetClient/updatableResultSet.out which was as follows
Wed May 25 12:39:51 2005
@@ -307,14 +307,14 @@
delete using first resultset
attempt to send deleteRow on the same row through a different resultset 
should throw an exception
SQL State : XCL08
-Got expected exception Cursor 'SQL_CURLH000C51' is not on a row.
+Got expected exception Cursor 'SQL_CURLH000C52' is not on a row.
Move to next row in the 2nd resultset and then delete using the second 
Positive Test11 - setting the fetch size to > 1 will be ignored by updatable 
resultset. Same as updatable cursors
Notice the Fetch Size in run time statistics output.
Statement Name:
Statement Text:
Parse Time: 0

On May 26th, Bernt reported a diff which is reverse of master update done by 
Satheesh. Checkin from today (revision 179592) submitted by David seems to 
bring the master back to the state prior to Satheesh's checkin. 
 Also, Bernt, I looked at 
the reason you didn't see the failure on Linux
2.4.19 and jdk1.4.2_08 I think is because the test never got run on that 
machine for some reason. In the list of tests that ran as part of 
derbynetclientmats on Linux 2.4.19 and jdk1.4.2_08, I don't see 
updatableResultset test in there. Let me know if I have missed anything. But 
if I am right, then we don't need updatableResultSet_sed.properties since we 
should get same cursor name irrespective of different platforms. 
The only question I have is why did Satheesh need to change the master? I am 
running with classes and maybe there is something that shows up only with 
the jar files. Satheesh, please let me know if there is an environment that 
I have not tested which required the master update.

On 5/26/05, Bernt M. Johnsen <Bernt.Johnsen@sun.com> wrote: 

 When running derbyall, DerbyNetClient/lang/updatableResultSet fails
> the following way:
> *** Start: updatableResultSet jdk1.4.2_02 DerbyNetClient 2005-05-26 
> 23:12:55 ***
> Initialize for framework: DerbyNetClient
> java -ms16777216 -mx33554432 -
> Dderby.system.home=/export/home/tmp/Derby/test/DerbyNetClient/updatableResultSet -
> Djava.security.manager -Djava.security.policy=/export/home/tmp/Derby/test/nwsvr.policy
> Dcsinfo.codebase=/export/home/tmp/Derby/ trunk/jars/sane -
> Dcsinfo.serverhost=localhost -Dcsinfo.trustedhost=localhost org 
> .apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl start
> Attempt to shutdown framework: DerbyNetClient
> 310 del
> < Got expected exception Cursor 'SQL_CURLH000C52' is not on a row.
> 310a310
> > Got expected exception Cursor 'SQL_CURLH000C51' is not on a row.
> 317 del
> < SQL_CURLH000C55
> 317a317
> > SQL_CURLH000C54
> Test Failed.
> *** End: updatableResultSet jdk1.4.2_02 DerbyNetClient 2005-05-26 23:13:22 
> ***
> (Same error with 1.5 and 1.3)
> I'm running with Linux 2.6.11. What I find strange, is that when I
> inspect the test failures in
> http://www.multinet.no/~solberg/public/Apache/Derby/Limited/testSummary-178249.html
> I see that the same test fails in the same way on all platforms,
> with the exception of the test run on a Linux 2.4.19 and jdk1.4.2_08
> Comment anynone?
> --
> Bernt Marius Johnsen, Database Technology Group,
> Sun Microsystems, Trondheim, Norway

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