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From Peter Nabbefeld <Peter.Nabbef...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: 10.1 branch created / please review open 10.1 JIRA issues
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:29:51 GMT
Andrew McIntyre schrieb:
> On Jun 10, 2005, at 2:29 AM, Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
>> Hello,
>> what about DERBY-85? It is still open - will it be fixed in 10.1? Or 
>> probably never?
>> Kind regards
>> Peter Nabbefeld
> It will be fixed when a Derby developer decides to fix it. Are you 
> volunteering? :-)
Sorry, I don't have any knowledge of the derby source code. From the 
comments to my questions (didn't know, that this is a known bug before), 
I'd guess that it should be simple to fix it:
- It seems, that the UUID is probably used as the owner-id of the 
trigger object.
- Because tables can be created in non-default schemas, while triggers 
can not, I guess that there is some duplicate code (which has been fixed 
for one case, but not for the other).
- I'd propose to add a method like "getUUID" to the Connection object, 
so both implementations (table and trigger) could be replaced just by a 
call to Connection.getUUID().
Just my 2 cents ...

Kind regards

Peter Nabbefeld

> Time is almost up to get things into 10.1. A patch would need to 
> materialize and be reviewed by the end of the weekend. That said, 
> there's nothing stopping anyone really motivated to fix it from doing 
> just that.
> If it doesn't make it into 10.1, there's always 10.2....
> andrew    

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