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From siss...@insession.com
Subject Question regarding predicatesIntoViews test failure in Derby 10.1 branch version 201931
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 02:04:01 GMT
I am running on a test  build of a JVM (not a formal JVM release) and I 
would like to get someone's opinion as to whether this test failure is due 
to a bug in the JVM. 

Can Derby's behaviour (e.g. optimizations etc) differ based upon the speed 
of the machine it is running on (therefore affecting test output), or will 
it always operate identically, no matter the hardware?  The reason I ask 
is that I ran the tests at a low priority on a busy system.

I also noticed that the test report said 0% fail even though one test 

Let me know if you want JIRA issues raised.

All derbylang tests passed on Windows XP.



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