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From Francois Orsini <francois.ors...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: getColumns(...) and quoted table names ?
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 00:00:33 GMT
The quotes are there for the parser to treat the table object
(ansi-92) identifier as case sensitive and for the reason you
mentioned when dealing with objects that have reserved words as

The metadata DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() method does not really take
a table name per-se (to be picky), but more like a table name
"pattern" following the JDBC pattern-matching format convention ('%'
and '_' characters can be used).

I believe the way it is expressed currently in the getColumns() or
getTables() metadata calls is correct as underneath, system catalogs
get queried via an (internal) SQL statement which takes a 
case-sensitive string as search predicate to select the matching
tuples - in your case matching the table name expressed in uppercase
will match the table you created (obviously).

One thing you could also do is new'ing a DbTable object for the
qualifying resultset row that matches the table you are looking for
with a getTables() call (using a qualifying/restrictive pattern) and
then specificy the table name to use in the getColumns() call via a
DbTable.getTableName() call...you might want to do this if you want to
ensure you are dealing with a valid table satisfying your search
before returning the columns...

Just some thoughts...


On 6/22/05, Suresh Thalamati <suresh.thalamati@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have  a table that uses reserved word as name , so it is quoted like :
> create table "ORDER"(a int ) ;
> All  SQL queries seems to expect it as quoted name , except Database
> Metadata getColumns(..).
>  DatabaseMetaData dmd = conn.getMetaData();
>  ResultSet rs = dmd.getColumns(null, null , "\"ORDER\"" , null) ;
>  does not return  any column information , where as
>  ResultSet rs = dmd.getColumns(null, null , "ORDER"" , null) ;
>  retunns the  "ORDER"  table columns Information.
>  I am wondering what  is the correct usage here ,  i.e  does metadata
> calls suppose to
>  expect   quoted tables names like SQL or  the  one without quotes ?
> Thanks
> -suresht

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