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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Client data source published api javadoc cleanup
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 01:19:12 GMT
Now the client objects are part of the published api I did some cleanup
of the javadoc comments, attached is the patch. I'll commit assuming no
objections once my derbyall tests run.

M      org\apache\derby\jdbc\ClientXADataSource.java
M      org\apache\derby\jdbc\ClientConnectionPoolDataSource.java
M      org\apache\derby\jdbc\ClientBaseDataSource.java
M      org\apache\derby\jdbc\ClientDataSource.java

- Change instance fields to be private, their api is their getter/setter
methods (removes them from the javadoc)

- remove unused constant fields, YES,NO,NOSET

- Add a getPassword() method. password is a standard data source
property and JDBC spec says all supported data source properties must
have getter and setter methods.

- Remove some unused methods

- Make methods only used within the package and intended for internal
use 'package protected', removes them from the javadoc

Still most of the methods have no comments and some of the classes don't
either. Some comments along the lines of the Embedded* JDBC objects
would be good, especially stressing these are the client api.

Also moving some code around would remove some of the public methods, or
allow them to be package protected. These are methods that are not
intended to be part of the public api. I'll submit that in a separate patch.

Another interesting issue is all the propertyKey_* fields appear in the
javadoc, though they are not part of the public api, but how they are
used requires they be public. I think it would be good to somehow fix
this, rather than having javadoc comments saying 'internal field - do
not use'.


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