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From Philip Wilder <0505...@acadiau.ca>
Subject Re: Compile Issues
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 12:35:02 GMT
It's a bit unclear if you are still unable to compile or you are just 
commenting on the build process. If you are still having problems a few 
things to consider:

- Make sure the ant.properties file is actually in your user.home 
directory. For me in a windows environment this is (as default) 
c:\documents and settings\<username>

- I believe both JDK 1.4.X and JDK 1.3.X are required for successful 

- One of my favorite ways of checking to make sure all of the variables 
are being used by ant is adding the following lines to the showenv 
target of the main build.xml:

   <echo message="Additional Check"/>
   <echo message="  j14lib=${j14lib} "/>
   <echo message="  j13lib=${j13lib}"/>
   <echo message="  JAVA_HOME=${JAVA_HOME}"/>

 From command line you can then run "ant showenv" and be able to tell at 
a glance whether the libraries are on your path.

Hope something here helps.


Dave Jarvis wrote:

> Hi,
> With ant for Java, projects should successfully compile using:
>     tar zxf tarball-src.tar.gz
>     cd src
>     ant
> I have both J2SDK 1.4.2 and Apache Ant 1.6.5. Yet the instructions for 
> compiling Derby required such things as:
>     adding a properties file to my home directory
>     configuring the properties file
>     installing javacc
> Even after following the BUILD.txt instructions, the compile failed:
> compile_reference:
>     [javac] Compiling 9 source files to derby/10.0/classes
>     [javac] Fatal Error: Unable to find package java.lang in classpath 
> or bootclasspath
> From a purely technical level, since JavaCC has a BSD license, it can 
> be included in the distribution. Also, a basic installation can 
> presume default paths (use relative names, if at all possible), and 
> should be able to use the environment variables already set (e.g., 
> $ANT_HOME, $JAVA_HOME), without additional properties.
> HSQLDB provides an excellent example of the minimal three-step 
> compile, and also uses whatever version of Java is installed (e.g., 
> 1.5 or 1.4). (Okay, it's actually four-step, but the ant command 
> prints out help saying how to really compile everything; slightly 
> suboptimal, but at least clear.)
> Simple is good. =) Good luck with Derby!
> Sincerely,
> Dave Jarvis

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