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From Philip Wilder <0505...@acadiau.ca>
Subject Re: DERBY-213 Early Patch
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 12:33:24 GMT
Thanks for the tips Dan. Attached to this list is a text file outlining 
some of the more important points of this patch.
Also in case an executive summary would be useful to anyone there are a 
few of main points that I tried to address with this patch (in order of 

- Remove the call to closeX() in the nextX() method: This is probably 
the reason SQuirreL isn't working (See derby and squirrel sql JDBC 
client in the derby-user mailing list).
- Change the auto-commit criteria: We only want to auto-commit if there 
are no other open ResultSets associated with the Statement for which the 
current ResultSet is attached to. For example we only wish to 
auto-commit ResultSet SA sttached to statement S only if ResultSets SB 
and SC are already closed.
- Properly marking auto-committed ResultSets: I created a 
markAutoCommitted() method in Connection which will mark *all* open 
ResultSets as auto-committed post auto-commit.

In terms of resolution, regrettably we have not. I acknowledge that my 
work on this patch is tentative and subject to change. However, 
hopefully my work here should make the final patch easier when we have 
achieved the resolution we are after.

In regards to your last challenge, I am inclined to agree with your 
position. If we consistently follow the specs over the javadocs that is 
one less point for confusion. However as Kathey points out, this may 
mean that there are "bugs" in the javadocs. If we adopt this philosophy 
then we can simplify the advanced cases I specified in my auto-commit 
document. One item I would really like to see in the JDBC 4.0 spec is 
changing this item found in section 9.1 (in relation to closing ResultSets):
"if the cursor is forward only, then when invocation of its next method 
returns false"
to this
"if the cursor is forward only, then when invocation of its next method 
returns false. Further calls to next method on this ResultSet will throw 
an Exception."
if this is what is truly meant. If this is the case then Embedded is not 
functioning to spec and Client (at least in part) is doing what it is 
suppose to (from this it follows that SQuirreL is also not following the 
spec). If not, the reverse is true.

Let me know if anything I said here required clarification.


Dan Debrunner wrote:

>Philip Wilder wrote:
>>> I've attached an "alpha" patch for the DERBY-213 for anyone who is
>>> interested in the DERBY-213 issue. It should be noted that the patch is
>>> contingent upon our current interpretation of the JDBC
>>> specifications/documentation.
>Did we come to a resolution on your document? You asked for challenges
>and I challenged, but I didn't see any follow up.
>With a patch like this it is very useful to give an overview of what you
>are changing, the committers (or any other reviewers) are not
>mind-readers and it's hard to tell if you are fixing everything to match
>what is in your current interpretation or just making progress in that
>direction. Partial fixes are good progress, but it's useful when
>reviewing them to understand that the patch is only intended to address
>some of the issues. There have been threads on what makes a patch really
>useful and likely to be committed quickly, I guess these tips haven't
>made it to the web-site yet.  :-( 

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