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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: Derby-213 Chat Transcript June 22
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 23:03:55 GMT
Philip Wilder wrote:
> DERBY-213 chat summary for June 22, 2005
> The entirety of our chat session this time was devoted to further
> analysis of the Derby commit outline. The eventual objective of this
> outline is to establish a document that can be used as a standard for
> Derby commit behavior. Many of the problems faced by Kathey and I stem
> from this issue. During this conversation Kathey and I:
> - Decided that the outline would benefit from a bulleted summary.
> - Established that information regarding multiple update counts, output
> parameters, calls to connection.setAutoCommit() and batch behavior were
> missing and needed to be included.
> - Determined that it would be beneficial to split Statement completion
> behavior into simple and advanced cases.
> As before stay tuned for the "semantic challenge", when we release our
> proposed outline.

Didn't read the chat, but it sounds like what you are doing would be a
useful addition to this document.


Its overview probably tells you what you know already, the jdbc spec is
spread out over a number of areas.

The one interesting item that caught my eye was the comment about output
parameters. I see that the 1.4.1 java doc for Connection.setAutoCommit
says 'the commit occurs when all results and output parameter values
have been retrieved' but this is not what JDBC 3.0 section 10.1 says
'the [Callable] statement is complete when all of the
associated result sets have been closed.' This is not the same in a
couple of ways, no mention of output parameters in the spec
and only mentions result sets in the spec
 (results = result sets + update counts)

For this specific case, derby embedded implements the commit according
to JDBC 3.0 spec section 10.1, not the setAutoCommit java doc.

Lance, is this being clarified in JDBC 4.0?


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