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From Army <qoz...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-373) Documentation errors in "Server/Admin" Guide.
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 21:07:31 GMT
Jeff Levitt (JIRA) wrote:

>      [ http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-373?page=all ]
> Jeff Levitt updated DERBY-373:
> ------------------------------
>     Attachment: derby373.diff
> Attached is a patch for this issue.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for looking at this so quickly.  A couple of minor changes are still 
needed (most of which are my fault because I told you the wrong thing...*sorry*)

1 -- Top of p. 11: "Starting the Network Server"

Capitalization of ALWAYS in the new "NOTE" probably isn't necessary, although 
that's how I wrote it in my original comments (oops).  Also, it might be better 
to make this slightly more general since we don't really know what all of the 
effects of not shutting down the server might be (we just know that port block 
is for sure one of them).  For example, something like:

	Note that you should always properly shut down the
	Network Server after use, because failure to do so
	may result in unpredictable side effects, such as
	blocked ports on the server.

2 -- Top of p. 12: "Starting the Network Server from a Java application"

Same comment as #1 above.

3 -- pp. 31-32: "Verifying Startup"

Ooops, I told you the wrong thing here.  In my earlier comments I said that the 
the last line of the isServerStarted() method should return TRUE, not FALSE--but 
that was a mistake.  The code was right in its original form--i.e. the last line 
should be returning FALSE, not TRUE.  Sorry for the confusion there.

4 -- p. 37: "Turning on the trace facility"

I asked you to add the line starting with "Note that if the derby.drda.traceAll 
property...", but after discussing with Kathey Marsden about this behavior, I've 
decided that this line should be removed and I should instead file this as a 
code bug (if anyone wants a transcript from the chat I had with Kathey, I can 
send it).

Also, there should be a "-s" in front of connection number for turning trace off:

java org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl trace off [-s <connection
number>] [-h <hostname>] [-p <portnumber>]

5 -- p. 46: "Using the backup procedure"

That "workaround" text is still on this page, and I still don't know what it 
means.  I think it can be removed?

6 -- p. 47: "Creating a database from a backup copy"

In the example, the period between "derby" and "sample" was changed to a 
semi-colon, but it was supposed to be changed to a COLON:


I think that's it; thanks for your patience, and sorry again for my 
incorrect/incomplete comments the first time around...


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