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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Doc reviews
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2005 22:06:19 GMT
It'd make a lot of sense to open one "Main" jira issue per book for a 
finite period, then add comments to that issue, as you suggest below.

Any concentrated doc review will probably produce many changes. Having a 
main issue to capture many changes, and incorporating many changes into 
a single patch, would be more efficient.


Jeff Levitt wrote:
> With the release fast approaching, and with testing
> always validating code changes, it seems we might want
> to instill similar quality checks in regards to the
> documentation.  The docs have changed quite a bit over
> the last several months, including the conversion to
> I propose that we hold a 5 day doc review.  If no one
> objects, I'll open JIRA entries for each of the
> manuals, and we can post feedback to the 6 issues.  I
> can also post some general rules of thumb to follow
> for posting comments to those JIRA entries.  Things
> like  making sure to identify the file or section
> affected, how to make concrete comments, etc. to make
> it easier for the person creating the patch to make
> the changes.
> One thing I would suggest is that we limit feedback to
> issues such as accuracy, completeness, and grammar,
> punctuation, etc.  Big organizational issues like
> combining sections, moving topics around within a book
> etc. will probably be better suited for general
> quality updates in a future release, since we are too
> close to the 10.1 releas enow and it would be better
> to just make sure we have a complete, accurate set of
> manuals.
> If no one has an objection to this proposal, I'd be
> happy to create the JIRA issues, as well as volunteer
> myself to try to incorporate the changes.

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