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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: [website] (was "Re: [jira] Commented: (DERBY-310) Document and/or change Derby client code to match behavior with Embedded driver where possible.")
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2005 17:31:16 GMT
I've discussed this issue with one of the Derby mentors who recommends 
that we ask the author of commonltr.css to license that particular file 
to the ASF under the Apache License.

All that is needed is for the author to post a note to that effect to 

I'll work with Jeff on this.


Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> I wasn't reading Jeff's email closely (my apologies).
> We aren't talking about any xsl stylesheets that DITA uses for the 
> transformation that produce the output files.
> We're talking about the cascading stylesheets used for display. They 
> don't need to be checked into svn, they just need to be accessible by 
> the html files that comprise the manuals. Jeff proposes putting the 
> stylesheet in each manual's output directory. Physical details: on 
> minotaur, this means copying the stylesheet into each 
> /www/incubator.apache.org/derby/docs/{adminguide, devguide, getstart, 
> ref, tools, tuning} subdirectory.
> There's probably a precedent for this at Apache that would confirm if 
> this is alright or not. Does anyone know for sure?
>  -jean
> Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>> A quick summary (Jeff, correct me if I mangled any meaning) is:
>>   - A DITA style sheet produces a pleasing format for Dreby manuals
>>   - Jeff's tweak of that style sheet improves the format even more
>> The DITA toolkit is under the CPL license, and modifications to any of 
>> these files create derivative works under CPL. I asked legal-discuss 
>> back in March about checking files under a CPL license into the apache 
>> SVN repository, and the answer that came back was a strong "No"; I 
>> sent the status to derby-dev, see:
>> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/db-derby-dev/200503.mbox/%3c422A393D.40306@bristowhill.com%3e

>> So, these files cannot be checked into svn.
>> However, anyone who builds the docs is free to use that style sheet. 
>> One option might be to make the style sheet available for download 
>> from a public site outside apache. --This was an approach Ross Gardler 
>> originally proposed for a DITA plugin for forrest when he offerred to 
>> host it at Burrokeet, see:
>> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/forrest-dev/200503.mbox/%3c424C7886.3030100@apache.org%3e

>> Anyhow, let's think about the "right apache way" for us to achieve 
>> what we need -- and Derby mentors on this list should feel REALLY free 
>> to chime in with your sage advice and experience.
>>  -jean
>> Jeff Levitt wrote:
>>> --- "David Van Couvering (JIRA)" wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>>> Hm.  I am uncomfortable going out with the release
>>>> when the HTML is so clunky.  I don't know how hard
>>>> it is to set up a css file, but it seems like if
>>>> we're trying to get people interested in using
>>>> Derby, having docs that look funky does not send out
>>>  a good message to interested but hesitant new users.
>>> </snip>
>>> So this got me into sort of an investigative mode, and
>>> I took a look at the html that is output by the DITA
>>> toolkit transform.  It seems there IS a css file that
>>> these files point to, but they cant find it since its
>>> not in the directory.  The name of the file they all
>>> point to is commonltr.css.  So, I searched through the
>>> DITA toolkit package, and I found the file in the
>>> DITA-OT1.0.1\resource\ directory.  When I copied that
>>> file into the directory with my output html files and
>>> reloaded the output in my browser, suddenly everything
>>> changed formatting.  The problem was it didn't change
>>> the one issue you pointed out, which was that the
>>> spacing around a table caption was non-existent, and
>>> the font of those table captions was normal text, so
>>> you couldnt distinguish it from the surrounding text. Well, after 
>>> playing with the css file, I finally
>>> figured out how to modify it so that the captions are
>>> bold and are spaced with margins around them.  It
>>> looks a lot better and I think you'll be satisfied
>>> with the results.
>>> So what I suggest is that we fix the website to place
>>> the commonltr.css file into each manual's html output
>>> directory.  However, we should use my modified one so
>>> that the tables look better.  I have attached it to
>>> this email.  If this is something we can do, can a
>>> committer do this for us so that the nightly builds
>>> he change?

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