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From Satheesh Bandaram <sathe...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (DERBY-334) Add initial SQL support for XML datatype/functions in Derby, based on SQL/XML specs.
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 20:41:12 GMT
I think that part of the code needs to be changed too. You seem to be
using DataDictionary just to set 'defaultImplId', which you might be
able to do it outside of datatype layer?


> Okay, I can move impl.sql.xml.* back to the iapi.types.  But will that
> resolve the issue you mentioned about spilling over into the SQL
> layer?  Even if I redo the packaging, the XML implementation file will
> still make the call to the DataDictionary class in
> org.apache.derby.iapi.sql.dictionary, so isn't that cross-over still
> going to be there?  Does that part of the code need to change?
>> There is a theory of "You ain't going to need it", which really says
>> only code what you need. If we only need a single XML implementation at
>> the moment then code it that way, just allow the on-disk format to have
>> multiple implementations in the future. The api is XMLDataValue and the
>> implementation XML. Just an idea, again I think in Cloudscape we built
>> too much infrastructure for multiple implementations, where in many
>> cases one will suffice.
> I can certainly code it for a single XML implementation, but seeing
> as, in this particular case, we _expect_ that multiple implementations
> are going to exist for XML, it seems much cleaner (to me) to code up
> the structure now.  When the SQLInteger type was created, what were
> the odds that it was going to require multiple implementations? 
> Probably not as high as for XML--not only are we acknowledging that
> another (better) XML implementation could come up in the future, but
> we're _hoping_ for one.  To put the structure in place now means that
> future contributors can focus on adding the new implementation and not
> on re-organizing the old one(s).  And the easier it is to add a new,
> smarter implementation, the more likely we are to have someone
> volunteer to do it :)
> But that's my proverbial two cents.  I can certainly re-org the code
> to just have an XMLDataValue interface and a single XML
> implementation, if that's the desired solution.
> SO, I guess I'll post the revised patch that I have (all tests passed
> from last night's run) for people to review, and then I'll start
> working on a third version of the patch that 1) moves impl.sql.xml
> back to types.iapi, and 2) is simplified to just worry about a single
> XML (UTF-8 based) implementation.
> Thanks much for the feedback!
> Army

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