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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject JSR169 status update & build/ant question
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 17:18:15 GMT
I have JSR169 basically working though there are a few bugs to be ironed
out. Currently running in this mode will print out a warning when Derby
is started that it is an experimental version. I'm going to keep that
warning until the bugs are fixed.

The JDBC for JSR169 objects are part of an optional build target that
requires J2ME/CDC/Foundation 1.0 jars and JSR169 jar, see instructions

In order to run in this environment these two module entries are needed
in modules.properties

# J2ME DataValueFactory, DECIMAL support without BigDecimal

# J2ME/JSR169 JDBC driver implementation

The question is how to deal with the second one Driver169, which is a
part of the optional target. The first is fine because it is part of the
regular build since it has no dependency on JSR169 libraries.

The issue is how to ensure no errors appear when running Derby having
*not* built the optional target. The above forms works fine when running
Derby out of the classes directory because the derby.env.classes line
means only load the associated module if the classes in this property
are loadable. E.g. for the encryption module it specifies that
javax.crypto.SecretKey must be loadable. In this JSR169 case I'm making
the module depend on itself which stops the error displayed by Derby if
a module class cannot be loaded. The problem with this approach is that
the jar build process breaks because it expects every module to exist so
that it can perform dependency checking on it.

The solutions are:

1) modify the dependency checker to skip modules that cannot be loaded
and have a dependency on themselves

2) Make the optional engine_169_opt target also modify the
modules.properties to add just

I'm tending towards 1) because that's the code I know, but maybe the ant
approach is easier, but how do you ensure the line doesn't get added
multiple times?


Building JSR169 optional components

1) Add an entry to your ant.properties for Derby, setting a JSR169
compile path

jsr169compile.classpath=<path of foundation 1.0 jars and JSR169 jars>

E.g. here is my setting for IBM's WCTME 5.7


2) Build Derby as normal

3) Execute the optional target engine_169_opt

ant engine_169_opt

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