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From David Van Couvering <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: DERBY-213 IRC Chat :ResultSet.next() after last row of FORWARD_ONLY cursor throws an SQL Exception with Network Server
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 16:39:21 GMT
This is helpful but a weekly summary might be better.  I recommend the 
chat logs be attached to the Derby item in question so someone who wants 
to know what happened and why can access that.  Of course, if something 
important is going on that you think is of general interest, you could 
summarize more frequently.


Kathey Marsden wrote:

>     Philip and I chatted this morning on IRC://irc.freenode.net/#derby 
> about DERBY-213.
>      *  We ran our resultset.java test and updated the master.
>          We decided to add a test for fetching past the end of  a
> scrollable cursor too.
>   * We  talked about the protocol specs from the 10,000 foot level.
>            They are available at http://www.opengroup.org/dbiop/
>                 * C043 - Vol. 1: Distributed Relational Database
> Architecture
>                     Describes overall protocol  flow.
>                 * C044 Vol. 2: Formatted Data Object Content Architecture
>                     Describes format of data types  for exchange between
> server and client
>                 * C045  Vol. 3: Distributed Data Management Architecture
>                    Describes the commands, objects, and parameters used
> in the protocol described in Volume 1.
>        * We looked at QRYCLSIMP. in Vol 3
>             Client can send one of three values that affect how the
> server behaves when fetching past
>             the end of a FORWARD_ONLY ResultSet.
>                 01 - Server has to close
>                 02 - Server should not close
>                 00 - Server decides.
>              Scrollable cursors are not affected.
>           *  We are changing the server to default to 02 and will clean
> up some errors in DRDAStatement at the same time.
>               We decided that qryclsimp should only be in DRDAResultSet,
> not DRDAStatement as it is only sent for
>                OPNQRY, not EXCSQLSTT.
>           * We think the client sends 00 (Server choice) and JCC sends
> 01 (Server has to close) but still need to verify,
>              so we may only be able to fix this with network client for
> right now.
> Attached are the transcripts from the  chat.  Next meeting is Thursday,
> June 2, 9am PST . 
> If you made it this far, I am looking for input on summaries for IRC chats..
>     * Is this too much / too little detail.
>     * Are the transcripts at all helpful?  I think I might drop them if
> they are not useful.
>     * Would a weekly summary be better?
> Thanks
> Kathey
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> kmarsden good morning Philip
> Bogomips_ Morning
> kmarsden how are your tests?
> Bogomips_ Much more promising
> Bogomips_ Total of 594 tests, 92 of which fail. For what looks like legitimate reasons.
> Bogomips_ This is for derbyAll
> kmarsden What fails?
> Bogomips_ Many of the dml tests that were running before as well as the netmat tests.
> Bogomips_ However this was before I new of removing the trace, so you might be able to
cut down on those failures as well.
> kmarsden did you see my note about not using  ij.exceptionTrace=true
> kmarsden ok
> Bogomips_ :-)
> kmarsden What fails in derbynetmats
> kmarsden ?
> Bogomips_ derbyall/derbynetclientmats/derbynetclientmats.fail:derbynet/netxaPositive.sql

> Bogomips_ derbyall/derbynetclientmats/derbynetmats.fail:derbynet/NSinSameJVM.java 
> Bogomips_ derbyall/derbynetclientmats/derbynetmats.fail:derbynet/badConnection.java 
> Bogomips_ derbyall/derbynetclientmats/derbynetmats.fail:derbynet/callable.java 
> Bogomips_ derbyall/derbynetclientmats/derbynetmats.fail:derbynet/checkSecMgr.java 
> Bogomips_ derbyall/derbynetclientmats/derbynetmats.fail:derbynet/csPrepStmt.java 
> Bogomips_ derbyall/derbynetclientmats/derbynetmats.fail:derbynet/dblook_test_net.java

> Bogomips_ derbyall/derbynetclientmats/derbynetmats.fail:derbynet/dataSourcePermissions_net.java

> Bogomips_ among others.
> kmarsden do you know why yet?
> kmarsden oh this is probably because you do not have db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_c.jar
> kmarsden in your classpath
> Bogomips_ Some of them complain about a lack of master file.  Another has a security
> kmarsden hmmm
> kmarsden derbynetclientmats is ok?
> Bogomips_ There were a lot of netclient problems, but I'm looking at the tests prior
to removing your the trace.
> Bogomips_ Shall I try removing the trace for just the singular resultset test?
> kmarsden The trace I am quite sure does not affect the network server tests.  I run those
just about every day
> kmarsden It had been a while since I had run derbyAll so that is why I hit the nist thing.
> kmarsden But yes, let's work on resultset.java and then you can look at your test failures
later today.
> kmarsden and ping me if you have questions.
> kmarsden Does that sound ok?
> Bogomips_ Sure, sounds good.
> kmarsden ok. first we run resultset.java for embedded
> Bogomips_ k
> kmarsden oh I have an outdated copy.  Is the one you mailed me the latest.
> Bogomips_ ?
> Bogomips_ This is from the second email I sent you?
> kmarsden there was a mail delay. I have the one from Jira but I will look for your mail
> Bogomips_ Ok, should be titled "Derby-213 files May 31, 10:00 a.m. AST"
> kmarsden 5:46 am yesterday. Is that right?
> kmarsden no 6:07
> Bogomips_ Ya, that would be the time on it.
> kmarsden Attempt to shutdown framework: DerbyNetClient
> kmarsden 1a2,8
> kmarsden > Begin ImplicitClose tests
> kmarsden > 1
> kmarsden > 2
> kmarsden > Final call to ResultSet.next()
> kmarsden > Call to ResultSet.next() thows the following exception:
> kmarsden > org.apache.derby.client.am.SqlException: Invalid operation: result set
> kmarsden > ImplicitClose tests complete
> kmarsden Test Failed.
> kmarsden *** End:   resultset jdk1.4.2_03 DerbyNetClient 2005-06-01 05:17:10 ***
> kmarsden that's the output for client
> Bogomips_ Sigh...
> kmarsden that is good
> kmarsden accidentally ran client first
> Bogomips_ ok, good. Whew :-)
> kmarsden *** Start: resultset jdk1.4.2_03 2005-06-01 05:18:21 ***
> kmarsden 1a2,7
> kmarsden > Begin ImplicitClose tests
> kmarsden > 1
> kmarsden > 2
> kmarsden > Final call to ResultSet.next()
> kmarsden > Call successful
> kmarsden > ImplicitClose tests complete
> kmarsden Test Failed.
> kmarsden and for embedded
> Bogomips_ good :-)
> kmarsden For embedded looks good except it says it failed
> Bogomips_ well, you still have to run ant, correct?
> Bogomips_ for the new master file.
> kmarsden but I think we just need to update the master
> Bogomips_ agreed
> kmarsden do you get the same result
> kmarsden ?
> Bogomips_ Before I modified the master, yes.
> kmarsden so now mine passes
> kmarsden OK. So lets look a bit at qryclsimp
> kmarsden First looking at the specs
> kmarsden http://www.opengroup.org/dbiop/
> kmarsden There are three specifications.
> kmarsden DRDA - Describes the overall flow
> kmarsden FD:OCA describes the data type translation for different machines
> kmarsden DDM describes the tokens that we send back and forth
> kmarsden That is the 10,000 foot overview
> kmarsden We are going to look at the DDM Manual C045
> Bogomips_ Now to enter the orbit?
> Bogomips_ k
> kmarsden if you search for qryclsimp
> kmarsden You will see I think that is only sent as part of the OPNQRY request.
> Bogomips_ Alright
> kmarsden looking at page 680 you can see the various values that can be sent
> kmarsden 00 - Server choice
> Bogomips_ 694 volume 3
> kmarsden right. 
> kmarsden I think I gave you the page number at the bottom.  
> kmarsden 01 - Server has to close
> kmarsden 02 - Server should not close
> kmarsden the server should ignore the request for scrollable cursors even if 01
> kmarsden The server indicates the end of data with SQLState 0200
> kmarsden sorry 02000
> kmarsden Do you see any more useful information here?
> Bogomips_ looking
> Bogomips_ If the query is scrollable, the server ignores the QRYCLSIMP value.
> Bogomips_ There is also the definition of implicit closing but that is easily understood.
> kmarsden yes. So I think that what this tells us is that we need to add a test for a
scrollable cursor fetching past the end.
> kmarsden to make sure it doesn't get closed
> Bogomips_ Alright. Now to find out how to request a scrollable ResultSet
> kmarsden http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/java/sql/Connection.html#prepareStatement(java.lang.String,
int, int)
> Bogomips_ I believe the javadocs for java.sql.Connection.createStatement(int resultSetType,
int resultSetConcurrency) tell us.
> Bogomips_ also true.
> kmarsden I am guessing there are examples in resultset.java
> Bogomips_ quite possibly.
> kmarsden looking
> Bogomips_ There is an example with SCROLL_INSENSITIVE, but I cannot find the reverse.
> kmarsden I think that would be fine for this.
> kmarsden but we will look at the code and see if there is any special handling for SCROLL_SENSITIVE
and decide if we need two tests
> kmarsden For now we can just make a note to add a test while we finish our analysis
> kmarsden I put todo tags in chats sometimes.
> Bogomips_ Alright. 
> Bogomips_ Do you know which of these two options statements default to?
> kmarsden TODO:  Write tests fetching past end of scrollable resulsets.
> kmarsden hmm.
> Bogomips_ "Result sets created using the returned Statement object will by default be
type TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY and have a concurrency level of CONCUR_READ_ONLY."
> kmarsden Resultsets default to forward only
> kmarsden Then you specifify SCROLL_SENSITIVE or SCROLL_INSENSITIVE explicitly if you
want scrollable.
> kmarsden  - The constant indicating the type for a ResultSet object that is scrollable
but generally not sensitive to changes made by others. 
> kmarsden  - The constant indicating the type for a ResultSet object that is scrollable
and generally sensitive to changes made by others. 
> kmarsden OK.  So you said you think the client sends 01?
> Bogomips_ On further analysis, I believe the DerbyNet framework sends 01 and the DerbyNetClient
sends 00.
> kmarsden OK.  good.  Then probably what is going to happen with our resultset.java test
is that derbynet is going to keep its current output.
> kmarsden Only derbynetclient will change behaviour since it sends SERVER_CHOICE (00)
> kmarsden Our changes will be on the server side.
> kmarsden Let's look at DRDAStatement.java
> Bogomips_ Understood. Beyond petitioning IBM for changes in the db2jcc.jar there is little
we can do for a value of 01.
> Bogomips_ You may wish to verify my findings.
> kmarsden We will verify. I figure we will change the SERVER_CHOICE  option and see what
the behaviour is #:)
> kmarsden As for petitioning IBM, I guess you could petition me since I work for IBM.

> kmarsden I will file a bug with JCC and hopefully they will fix.
> kmarsden but we will just worry about the server and client for our changes.
> Bogomips_ :-) 
> Bogomips_ Of importance before we start modifying codepoint values is the small bug in
the setOPNQRYoptions().
> kmarsden yes
> kmarsden The one thing that strikes me in looking at this is that QRYCLSIMP is only sent
> kmarsden not on PRPSQLSTT or any other statement related call.
> kmarsden I think that it is wrong that it is in DRDAStatement at all
> kmarsden If we look  at setOPNQRYoptions it is just updating the DRDAResultSet values.
> kmarsden and if we fix the bug you found.  the value in DRDAStatement is not being used
at all I think.
> Bogomips_ Quite possibly.
> kmarsden If i check references for DRDAStatement.qryclsimp
> kmarsden it is only used by setOPNQRYoptions, but in fact shouldn't be used there at
> Bogomips_ It is a protected variable so it can be called from other classes in the package.
Is it there for future compatibility?
> kmarsden I don't think so. 
> Bogomips_ Or should the value always be specific to the DRDAResultSet?
> Bogomips_ k
> kmarsden It should always be specific to the resultset.
> kmarsden I think it is just part of the general messiness of network server.
> Bogomips_ Alright. A subsequent issue that might stem from our investigations would be
to clean up DRDAStatement.
> kmarsden I think the same will apply to the other options as well.
> kmarsden Yes!
> Bogomips_ Alright.
> Bogomips_ I guess we are out of time, do you have any homework assignments for me :-)
> kmarsden Yes.  Search the rest of the DDM Manual and DRDA manual for qryclsimp references
and make sure  we are not missing anything
> kmarsden Think about adding a test for scrollable resultsets to our test.
> kmarsden get your tests running
> kmarsden I guess that last one is the most important.
> Bogomips_ Indeed. 
> Bogomips_ Do you think we need to test ResultSets from both PreparedStatements and Statements?
If not I can remove that functionality and replace it with Scrollability.
> Bogomips_ If we do need both statements, I'll just layer the additional functionality
on top.
> kmarsden I think that we don't need both prepared statements and statements since they
wil both go through the same code path
> Bogomips_ k
> kmarsden The general idea is that our tests optimally will provide 100% code coverage
of the areas we change.
> Bogomips_ Since this is an area we will likely not touch it will not be needed. 
> Bogomips_ Alright, when would you next like to meet?
> kmarsden Hold on. let me check something
> kmarsden if we meet 9am my time tomorrow is that too late for you?
> Bogomips_ No that should be fine.
> kmarsden OK. good. until then.  
> Bogomips_ bye
> * Bogomips_ (~ca@dyna167-237.acadiau.ca) has left #derby

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