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From Andrew McIntyre <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject JIRA cleanup in preparation for 10.1 release
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 21:04:43 GMT
Hi all,

If anyone could spare a few moments and would like to help me out  
with the triage of bugs for the 10.1 release, I would greatly  
appreciate it. Or, if you could at least take a look at any issue you  
are currently tracking and make sure that all of the information and  
fields like Affects, Fix in, and Priority are up-to-date and  
accurate, that would be helpful also.

I would like to:

1 - Clearly mark all bugs nominated for this release.  I have already  
marked the showstoppers nominated in the planning thread as Fix in, but I would also like to also mark showstoppers for this  
release as 'blocker'. It might be useful for tracking purposes to  
also mark the nice-to-have bugs as 'critical,' but I'm not sure if  
changing the priority to critical (when it's not really a critical  
bug) is the right thing to do. Any opinions? The list of new features/ 
showstoppers/nice-to-haves can be found in the last few messages of  
the 'Planning for a 10.1 release' thread.

2 - Determine whether any remaining bugs whose Fix version is and are unresolved should really be, not counting  
the showstopper/nice-to-have bugs mentioned in #1. I have added a new version so that bugs that will not make it into the 10.1  
release can be moved to a future release. See the link below to see  
what is currently marked as Fix in

3 - If there are some bugs with patches submitted that are close to  
completion, mark them as Fix in If you have recently  
submitted a patch, but it has not yet been committed, please make  
sure that the corresponding JIRA entry is marked

4 - Do a scan of bugs marked resolved or fixed since and  
make sure that their Fix version is properly set to if the  
fix is in the trunk. This will make generating release notes much  
easier, but is very time consuming.

5 - Check any bugs marked as resolved but not closed and close them  
if appropriate.

Here's a link to the roadmap:


So you can see what bugs are currently marked to be fixed in



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