Hi Myrna,
Thanks for the comment.  I wondered about that myself, because I noticed that
for other folks it did just say trunk/java/build/org/apache/derbyBuild/eclipse/DerbyEclipsePlugin.java.
If I do it from the 'trunk' directory, on the command line, it does not have the C:/derby_src/10.1 path as you said and the output looks correct:
Index: java/build/org/apache/derbyBuild/eclipse/DerbyEclipsePlugin.java
--- java/build/org/apache/derbyBuild/eclipse/DerbyEclipsePlugin.java    (revisio
n 165362)
+++ java/build/org/apache/derbyBuild/eclipse/DerbyEclipsePlugin.java    (working
I did it using the subversion plugin for Eclipse.  I right-clicked the 'trunk' folder and did
a Team >> Create Patch command.  That added the C:/derby_src/10.1 to the path.
I also tried it from the actual Java file itself in Eclipse, and it added the C:/derby_src/10.1 to the path.
I can resubmit the patch and remove that if you think it is best.  Also, if anyone knows
how to use the subversion plugin and not get the first part of the path included in
this, I'd appreciate knowing how.  Otherwise I'll just manually edit the output.

Myrna van Lunteren <m.v.lunteren@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Susan,

Although it's no big deal with the patch you've submitted, which has
only 1 file, I think normally you want to run svn diff from the top of
the trunk (or branch).

Now, someone applying the patch may have to modify the diff file,
strip stuff off before the 'trunk', as their location for the trunk is
likely not the same.

How did you do this anyway - if I try svn diff from a level up from my
trunk svn tells me '.' is not a working directory?

> This is my first patch, and although trivial, if I've done anything
> incorrect
> please let me know.

> Index: C:/derby_src/10.1/trunk/java/build/org/apache/derbyBuild/eclipse/DerbyEclipsePlugin.java
> ===================================================================
> --- C:/derby_src/10.1/trunk/java/build/org/apache/derbyBuild/eclipse/DerbyEclipsePlugin.java (revision 165362)
> +++ C:/derby_src/10.1/trunk/java/build/org/apache/derbyBuild/eclipse/DerbyEclipsePlugin.java (working copy)