One other 'oddity' of forrest xml I have noticed to add to the list is not only does the first
heading need to be an <h1> </h1> set of tags, but all subsequent tags have to be
follow in order of size.  For instance, if the first set of tags is an <h1>, the second set must
be an <h2> *before* an <h3> can be rendered.
So this would work:
<h1>First heading, Biggest Size</h1>
<h2>Second heading, Second Biggest Size</h2>
<h3>Third heading, Third Biggest Size</h3>
But this would not:
<h1>First heading, Biggest Size</h1>
<h3>Second heading, Third Biggest Size</h3>
<h2>Third heading, Second Biggest Size</h2>
Since the <h3> set of tags is prior to the <h2> set of tags.

"Jean T. Anderson" <> wrote:

How about tips for making a doc easily integrated with the forrest site?
For example, I've noticed that the following html things foil forrest's
attempt to generate a doc with site navigation:

1) Inclusion of a table of contents because forrest itself wants to
generate the table of contents.
2) If the first section doesn't start with an


you'll get a blank page.