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From Satheesh Bandaram <sathe...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Re: Planning for a 10.1 release
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 17:51:16 GMT
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Hi Andrew,<br>
I am just about ready to post the Synonym patch. I will also need to
enhance <b>dblook </b>to emit synonym info, but I will take that up
in a different patch.<br>
The issue I am grappling with right now is how best to store synonym
info in system catalog. I have couple of different options implemented,
both have good and not-so-good issues with them. An example of synonym
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; CREATE SYNONYM mySchema.myTable FOR targetSchema.targetTable<br>
So, I am trying to store mySchema, myTable, targetSchema and
targetTable in SYSALIASES table. First two are OK. I see three options
in trying to store them:<br>
  <li>Add SynonymAliasInfo, much like the current RoutineAliasInfo.
This would store both targetSchema and targetTable in a serialized Java
object. Works good, but we are adding a new java object to system
catalogs. Since Derby has no way to access individual fields of java
objects, reading them in SQL is, in general, is a hassle. But this case
may be OK, since we only have two fields.</li>
  <li>Add extra columns to SYSALIASES.</li>
  <li>Use existing catalog column to encode this info. I see
javaClassName column that can hold encoded targetSchema and targetTable
info, but it is ugly to store two different identifiers in one column.
I would then rename javaClassName to more generic name that is suitable
for both routines and synonyms.</li>
Anyone has any suggestions? If I don't hear anything soon, I will post
a patch using option 1.<br>
Andrew McIntyre wrote:<br>
<blockquote cite="mid54ac72d7050529230833f4cf5e@mail.gmail.com"
  <pre wrap="">New features in the works:

JSR-169 Support - Dan - 5/30-5/31
DERBY-132 - Mike - 5/31
XML support - Army - patch in review
Synonym support - Satheesh - ?

Bug fixes nominated for the release:

DERBY-180 - Andrew - patch submitted
DERBY-213 - Kathey
DERBY-247 - Lance / Andrew (demos need to support Derby client)
DERBY-255 - Kathey - patch committed
DERBY-265 - Sunitha - patch committed
DERBY-308 - Tomohito
DERBY-318 - Tomohito

Other bugs that look close to resolution:

DERBY-205 - Dag
DERBY-230 - &Oslash;ystein / Dag

Doc / Release Note: 

DERBY-305 - David - patch needs work

Packaging / Other:

Document on making a release / ant targets - Andrew

I suspect there may be other doc issues that need to be addressed that
are not listed here. Also, there has been so much mail that I likely
have missed something, so please speak up if something you feel should
be included in the release is not on this list.



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