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From Suresh Thalamati <suresh.thalam...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Planning for a 10.1 release
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 01:07:44 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Almost done with  following two issues I had been working on:
DERBY-96 - transaction log checksum feature  to recognize  partial log 
record writes that occur because
                       of out-of order writes.
DERBY-101 - increasing the possible log file id's from 2^22 -1 to 2^33 -1 .

I have posted couple of  patches related to the above bugs to the list, 
but not yet committed. I am hoping they will be
committed  in a day or two.


Andrew McIntyre wrote:

>On 5/24/05, Shreyas Kaushik <Shreyas.Kaushik@sun.com> wrote:
>>Andrew McIntyre wrote:
>>>Hello derby-dev,
>>>Now that there have been some significant new contributions to Derby
>>>since was released, I think we should begin planning for a
>>>10.1 release. As promised earlier, I'll volunteer to be release
>>>manager. So, here goes:
>>>1) Are there any new features or significant bugfixes near completion
>>>that should be in the 10.1 release? Dan mentioned that he would like
>>>to have his JSR-169 work included, Tomohito's fix for Derby-167 looks
>>>nearly complete, and David V.C. has a couple of items that look like
>>>they might be done soon. Any estimates on when these will be
>>>completed? Anything else not mentioned here?
>>Derby-31. This would be a good one to have for this release.
>>~ Shreyas
>I'm thinking that in the interests of getting an official release out
>with the Derby client, I'd like to aim for a release in about two
>weeks or so.
>Derby-31 is currently assigned to Oyvind Bakksjo. Are you assisting
>him with this issue? Do you have an estimate when the work for this
>might be complete?
>Is anyone else working on features or JIRA bugs that they feel should
>be in this release?
>- Mamta's updatable result sets for Network Server changes have been
>checked in, as have Lance's script changes.
>- Jeremy, in what timeframe do you think you will have a working
>prototype for the Datasource API changes? If you need help running
>tests against the prototype, please email me, I can help out with
>that. But, it's not clear to me that this is something that must be in
>the 10.1 release. Is this something that could be deferred to a 10.2
>(or even a 10.1.x) release? It's not unusual to manage API changes at
>release boundaries, so I don't think that having to support the
>current Datasource API going into the future is necessarily a reason
>to hold up this release.
>- Scanning through the list, I noticed Army mentioned basic XML
>support. Army, any estimate on when this might be contributed? Or is
>this for a future release?
>Many people are also assigned JIRA issues. So, if you currently have a
>JIRA issue assigned to you that you feel is a showstopper for a 10.1
>release, please speak up!

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