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From Shreyas Kaushik <Shreyas.Kaus...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Planning for a 10.1 release
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 16:46:55 GMT

Andrew McIntyre wrote:

>Hello derby-dev,
>Now that there have been some significant new contributions to Derby
>since was released, I think we should begin planning for a
>10.1 release. As promised earlier, I'll volunteer to be release
>manager. So, here goes:
>1) Are there any new features or significant bugfixes near completion
>that should be in the 10.1 release? Dan mentioned that he would like
>to have his JSR-169 work included, Tomohito's fix for Derby-167 looks
>nearly complete, and David V.C. has a couple of items that look like
>they might be done soon. Any estimates on when these will be
>completed? Anything else not mentioned here?
Derby-31. This would be a good one to have for this release.

~ Shreyas

>2) Are there any currently opened JIRA entries that should be
>considered showstoppers for this release? Any upgrade issues
>definitely need to be sorted out and tested, maybe we should have a
>JIRA for this. Documentation of new features should be finalized. I
>think there may already be a JIRA entry for this.
>3) Which bugs would be nice-to-have in this release but are not
>showstoppers? I personally would like to see the patch for Derby-1
>4) Are there any issues surrounding the client that should be
>addressed before it is released? This deserves its own thread, and
>there's already one started here:
>That thread got quiet, but I'll respond to that mail to keep the
>discussion going.
>5) Are there any changes to the packaging that people would like to
>see for this release?
>Feel free to add to this list and I'll keep track of all the responses. 

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