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From Jeremy Boynes <jboy...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Planning for a 10.1 release
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 03:36:04 GMT
Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
>>Early implementation is one thing, but you want to get the public
>>interfaces right, or at least easily extensible, from the start so you
>>don't end up regretting something forever.
> True, but in this case the public api is defined by class name(s) (that
> implements DataSource) and a set of JeavBean properties, and what those
> properties mean and how they interact with each other.
> Thus we should not have a Java code strawman but instead a table of
> properties, like table 9.1 in section 9.4 in JDBC 3.0 spec.
> Though in the unified case the table would need additional columns to
> indicate what they mean in each mode, emebedded, client etc.
> I think that would be the best way to look at this, see how many
> properties are common to each mode, how many could confuse users, e.g.
> portNumber for embeddded (especially when running embedded with an
> embedded network server). How complicated any rules are. etc.
> Property overload for the user is what I'm concerned about.

I JavaDoc'ed the properties in the code including a description of how 
they interact (to my knowledge at least). It seems fairly logical to me now.

I made the ConnectionFactory impl pluggable by the user with a default 
impl that chooses embedded or client based on whether serverName is set 
or not. I think the only redundant property is portNumber.

It does not yet support the client tracing options - I held off on that 
because if we are going to unify we should support it in both client and 
embedded modes and I don't think embedded has that (or if it does it is 
set up differently).

Similarly with things like message text, database password, encryption, 
result set holdability and so forth - they should work the same 
regardless of whether the server in embedded or remote.

I still need to do the unified Driver impl - ran out of time this 
weekend but may be able to get to it tomorrow (I have all day in a tin can).

I also ran into what appear a couple of quirks in the client but will 
move those to a separate thread.


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