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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Thoughts on the to-do list
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 13:56:17 GMT
Darcy Benoit wrote:

> Presently, I want my students to be working on just about anything
> that  will improve the performance of Derby. It would be a bonus for
> my research  area if this performance improvement was autonomic
> (something resource  that can automatically adjust itself depending on
> the performance of the  system).

To keep Derby zero admin I think there is a need for a general mechanism
to perform this kind of automatic admin function.  Here are a couple of
specific examples that I know of.
    o Some sort of automatic connection  thread management for Network
        Currently for network server the Connection Threads are created
on demand and recycled,
        but never reclaimed if the load is low.

    o A zero administration implementation of  DERBY-269 to update
cardinality statistics would be very helpful. 

In the general performance area.

    o Query Jira for existing performance bugs.
    o Profile  Network Server and the client  to identify areas for
    o Research optimizer improvements.
       We get requests for optimizer directives, but for a zero admin
database, we have to ask why. 
        Ideally the optimizer always knows best #:)

>  The second student is doing a general overview of Derby - the 
> structure of the code, where the interesting stuff is happening, how
> to  get involved in the community, how to do some of the more simple
> patches,  etc. He's been posting on the group every once in a while
> and will  hopefully do some bug fixes over the summer.

Can this student pick up and prioritize Derby 257 (Format Contributing
to Derby, Tips and Tasks To Get You Started Document for the website)
and link it in to the to-do list?



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