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From Rajesh Kartha <kar...@Source-Zone.Org>
Subject [VOTE] Accept contribution of Apache Derby UI and Help plugins for Eclipse
Date Sat, 14 May 2005 00:51:10 GMT
In order to provide the Derby functionality as UI components in Eclipse,
IBM released the IBM Integration plugin for Derby as a free download.


This 'ui' plugin depends on the existing 'core' Derby plugin and allows a
seamless integration between Eclipse 3.x and Derby. The core plugin is 
at the Apache Derby web site on the downloads page.

IBM is now contributing the Integration plugin to the Apache Derby 
project. A CCLA for this
contribution was faxed to Apache on May 3.

With regards to this please find attached:
- a functional spec.  This document covers functionality, testing and 
- a readme.txt that describes setting up the plug-in projects using Eclipse

Following are the links to the source files for both the 'ui' and the 
'help' plugins:

http://people.apache.org/~fuzzylogic/org.apache.derby.ui.jar -  the 
source of the 'ui' plugin in jar form
preserving its Eclipse project directory structure.

http://people.apache.org/~fuzzylogic/org.apache.derby.plugin.doc.jar - 
the source for the help plugin in jar form.

We are calling for a vote to accept the Derby UI plugin and the Help 
plugin by the
end of next week.  Our votes +1,+1 (2 votes).

Also, we need to resolve the structure of the source code for this 
if accepted.

- Create a new folder called plugins/eclipse under the trunk/ for
all the plug-in related code to reside.

For example:
The locations for the above plug-ins would be:
/trunk/plugins/eclipse/org.apache.derby.ui  & 


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