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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Please add descriptive Jira comments when fixing bugs
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 03:27:20 GMT
Andrew McIntyre wrote:
> For reference, you can look up a revision that has been applied to your 
> svn view with: svn log -r 169667. Or, if it was not in your view, with 
> propget like so: svn pg --revprop -r 169667 svn:log
> But if you run that last command, you get:
> Applied Jeff's patches for DERBY-87, DERBY-116 and DERBY-164
> More detailed explanations than this are essential, if not in both 
> places (Jira and svn), then please at least in one! When determining 
> what changes have been made, it is one thing to have to go from one 
> place to the other, but if they each point at each other and neither 
> have much (or any) information, it makes something like updating the 
> CHANGES file very difficult. While what happened to fix 116 is clear, 87 
> is less so, and 164 even less.

also, one patch per commit would be best, right? I realized that after 
committing three patches in one lump.

Given the fixed issue, ie. DERBY-199, one can easily pull up the Jira 
issue for details. And given DERBY-199 in particular, you can even see 
that Mamta reviewed the doc fix. --That's ideal.

But we have some cart-before-the-horse where review is concerned.

If just the dita file is posted, the patch needs to be applied, then the 
nightly build run to spit out the new doc for review.

If the corresponding html file is also posted, along with the dita file, 
the change can be reviewed before the patch gets applied.

Now's a good time for establishing preferences for handling doc issues 
and we can easily update the web site with more amplified steps to follow.


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