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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject [doc] Proposal to move 10.0 doc files from derby/site to derby/docs
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 00:15:23 GMT
I realized last week that the DITA docs can't be used to replace the 
files that were originally contributed. We need a permanent solution for 
the original files for the reasons outlined in 


I propose moving the files out of derby/site and into some location 
under derby/docs, create a mini forrest site, copy the results of the 
forrest build to incubator.apache.org/derby/docs/10.0, then link to it 
from the derby web site just like we do for the 10.1 DITA docs.

Here's a protype site with a first shot of what it would look like:


1) What difference will end users encounter?

a) Since the original files will no longer be integrated with the 
current web site, users won't see "Home" and "Community" tabs on each 
page; instead, they'll see a tab that takes them to the main derby site. 
To see the difference, compare this old page with the proposed new:


b) Old email and Jira entries that reference the old location will break 
because of the addition of the "docs/10.0" path in the URL.

After the files are moved (and that change propagated to 
www.apache.org), I can try to add symbolic links to the main site that 
make the old URLs work again. However, this might require assistance 
from infrastructure.

2) What are the actual steps to implement this change?

a) Initialize a new forrest site under 

b) svn move the subdirectories from 
derby/site/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs/manuals to 

c) Update the 10.0 doc links in 
derby/site/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs/site.xml to point to 
http://incubator.apache.org/derby/docs/10.0 files instead of to 
locations relative to the site source. (This is what we currently do 
with the 10.1 DITA-generated docs.)

d) Create symbolic links on minotaur.apache.org between the old location 
and the new so URLs in old email and Jira entries will still work.

3) Who will do this?

Jean will, with svn coordination with Andrew.


I'm posting a much shorter version of this (minus the technical details) 
to derby-user.

If there's no opposition to this strategy (and no better proposal 
offered) by Friday, May 13, I'll go ahead and implement this change. I'm 
opting for a lazy approach because history shows that [doc] topics often 
don't get active attention.



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