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From scott hutinger <s-hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject Re: [doc] Is it time to delete web site links to the original manuals?
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 19:11:12 GMT
I thought to make it easier, the build could do it's magic to create 
both versions.  Keeping track of it with patches would be a pain, but 
having the build do the work would be easy.  Although the xsl would need 
to be created for this.


Jeff Levitt wrote:

>--- "Jean T. Anderson" <jta@bristowhill.com> wrote:
>>Jeff will have to say for sure, but I believe most
>>of the doc fixes have 
>>been 10.0 and it might be reasonable to separate out
>>the 10.1 changes to 
>>produce a 10.0 release.
>>  -jean
>Well, is there a way to remove specific patches?  I
>suppose we could spot-remove patches related to 10.1
>docs and have 10.0 left over.  

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