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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject [doc] Derby web site doc formats
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 21:01:48 GMT
An off topic thread is included down below and the most recent post 
brings up the issue of doc formats for the web site.

I think the derby web site should support a bunch of file formats. Some 
suggestions are here, but the list isn't complete:


What are other formats are easy for folks to work with and should be 

How about tips for making a doc easily integrated with the forrest site? 
For example, I've noticed that the following html things foil forrest's 
attempt to generate a doc with site navigation:

  1) Inclusion of a table of contents because forrest itself wants to 
generate the table of contents.
  2) If the first section doesn't start with an <h1>....</h1> heading, 
you'll get a blank page.
  3) I've never gotten forrest to generate a coherent page from an MS 
word-generated html file.

Whenever I've encountered a problem, I have simply included the file as 
raw html (without the forrest navigation). But if there's a way to 
integrate them better, I'm open to suggestion -- and open especially to 
the assistance of volunteers to get them well integrated!


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Subject: Re: [RESULT] [VOTE] accept derby client contribution
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 15:10:58 -0500
From: scott hutinger <s-hutinger@wiu.edu>
Reply-To: Derby Development <derby-dev@db.apache.org>
To: Derby Development <derby-dev@db.apache.org>
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I agree with Susan and Jean,

One should be able to send docs in html or xml if they want.  I don't
think a lot of people want to mess with xml.  The other option, is using
OpenOffice, and letting forrest convert the OpenOffice document,
although I think if many options are used, some of the doc may be a bit
modified from original.  Of course, a lot of other formats exist.

Possibly the docs should be updated on how to send in documents.  I
don't think a lot of people want to mess with the XML stuff, and the
import thing is the content, not the type of document.  Some people just
don't have time to figure out the xml syntax forrest uses.

Possibly a list of preferred formats should be created.  I don't think
it's a good idea to force one document style on people.


Satheesh Bandaram wrote:

>I am OK with formatting it. If forrest option is preferred, I can look
>into that. I thought Jean was suggesting putting it up in HTML format?
>Susan Cline wrote:
>>...  Okay, I'll modify the Papers tab to include a Derby Network
>>Client section and add a link to the functional spec which is in raw
>>html, unless you want to format it in forrest.xml.
>Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>>Susan Cline wrote:
>>>...  My feeling is whoever contributes a paper should take the
>>>responsibility to format it in the desired way prior to asking
>>>someone to update the site, just like patches need to be in a
>>>specific format prior to submission.
>>That much said, volunteers with cycles/desire to improve the format of
>>content are always welcome -- all you need do is offer and I'm sure
>>you'll have many takers.
>> -jean

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