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From Rodent of Unusual Size <c...@apache.org>
Subject [STATUS] (Derby) Wed May 25 23:45:27 2005
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 03:45:27 GMT
Last modified at [$Date: 2005-02-10 15:37:41 -0500 (Thu, 10 Feb 2005) $] by $Author: fuzzylogic

Web site: http://incubator.apache.org/derby/

Incubator Status


  "Derby" is a snapshot of the IBM's Cloudscape Java relational database. IBM is
  opening the code by contributing it to The Apache Software Foundation and 
  basing future versions of IBM Cloudscape on the Apache-managed code.

  To participate in the Derby podling, you should join the mailing list. Just 
  send an empty message to derby-dev-subscribe@db.apache.org .

  The initial goal of the project while in incubation is to build a viable 
  developer community around the codebase.

  The second goal of Derby-in-incubation is to successfully produce a release. 
  Since Derby is in incubation, such a release would not have formal standing; 
  it will serve as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate to the developers' and 
  incubator's satisfaction that this aspect of the project is health and 

Project info

  * The Apache DB project will own the Derby subproject, and the subproject will
    follow the Apache DB PMC's direction. Significant contributors to this sub-
    project (for example, after a significant interval of sustained contribution)
    will be proposed for commit access to the codebase.

  * The Derby sub-project's modules will be available as distinct and discrete downloads.

Detailed References:
item            type      reference
Status file     www       http://incubator.apache.org/projects/derby.html
Website         www       http://incubator.apache.org/derby/
Mailing list    dev       derby-dev@db.apache.org
Mailing list    users     derby-user@db.apache.org
Source code     SVN       /repos/asf/incubator/derby/code/trunk/
Mentor          coar      Ken Coar (CLA on file)
Committers      jta       Jean Anderson (CLA on file)
Committers      satheesh  Satheesh Bandaram (CLA on file)
Committers      jboynes   Jeremy Boynes (CLA on file)
Committers      djd       Daniel Debrunner (CLA on file)
Committers      kmarsden  Katherine Marsden (CLA on file)
Committers      mikem     Mike Matrigali (CLA on file)
Committers      mcintyre  Samuel McIntyre (CLA on file)
Committers      coar      Ken Coar (CLA on file)

Completed tasks are shown by the completion date (YYYY-MM-dd).
Incubation status reports

    * none yet

Incubation work items

Project Setup

Identify the codebase

date        item
...-..-..  If applicable, make sure that any associated name does not already 
            exist and check www.nameprotect.com to be sure that the name is not
            already trademarked for an existing software product.


date 	    item
2004-08-26  Check and make sure that the papers that transfer rights to the ASF 
            been received. It is only necessary to transfer rights for the 
            package, the core code, and any new code produced by the project.
2004-11-04  Check and make sure that the files that have been donated have been 
            updated to reflect the new ASF copyright.

Verify distribution rights
date 	    item
2004-10-12  Check that all active committers have a signed CLA on record.
2004-10-12  Remind active committers that they are responsible for ensuring that
            a Corporate CLA is recorded if such is is required to authorize 
            their contributions under their individual CLA.
2004-10-12  Check and make sure that for all items included with the distribution
            that is not under the Apache license, we have the right to combine 
            with Apache-licensed code and redistribute.
2004-10-12  Check and make sure that all items depended upon by the project is 
            covered by one or more of the following approved licenses: Apache, 
            BSD, Artistic, MIT/X, MIT/W3C, MPL 1.1, or something with essentially
            the same terms.

Generally, the result of checking off these items will be a Software Grant, CLA, and Corporate
CLA for ASF licensed code, which must have no dependencies upon items whose licenses that
are incompatible with the Apache License.
Organizational acceptance of responsibility for the project

    * Has the receiving PMC voted to accept it? **YES**


None so far. A first release is in progress. This first release will be


Derby documentation in PDF format:

  A request was made for PDF documentation, however, the source files for the
  current HTML documentation for Derby are not in a form useful for creating PDF
  documentation with Forrest. A proposal was made by Jeff Levitt 
  <jlevitt@mutagen.net> to convert the documentation into XML DITA format.


[VOTE] on repository layout:

   [ Ten votes ]  Option 1: Keep the code and site pages in separately-versionable
                  trees ( derby/site/{trunk,tags,branches}/<pages> and 
                  derby/code/{t,t,b}<code> )
   [ One vote ]   Option 2: Put all things Derby into a single tree 
                  ( derby/{trunk,tags,branches}/{<code>,<pages>} )

[VOTE] Establish development model based on Apache DB guidelines

  Derby is being sponsored by the Apache DB project and the Derby status
  page states 'The Apache DB project will own the Derby subproject, and
  the subproject will follow the Apache DB PMC's direction'. 
  A vote was proposed that the Derby development model
  follows the guidelines defined by the Apache DB project. This will set
  the initial rules for development, changes to the model could
  subsequently be called for and voted on using the Derby developer
  mailing list.
  The guidelines are defined at http://db.apache.org/guidelines.html
  There is one difference that the Derby code is in SVN and not CVS.
  Note the decision making page at http://db.apache.org/decisions.html
  and the Changes section on this page http://db.apache.org/source.html.
  The Changes section indicates the commit model is:
  Simple patches to fix bugs can be committed then reviewed. With a
  commit-then-review process, the Committer is trusted to have a high
  degree of confidence in the change.
  Doubtful changes, new features, and large scale overhauls need to be
  discussed before committing them into the repository. Any change that
  affects the semantics of an existing API function, the size of the
  program, configuration data formats, or other major areas must receive
  consensus approval before being committed.
  Result: Six +1 votes.

[VOTE] Derby upgrade policy

  A vote was proposed to accept that for any release of Derby the upgrade policy described


  is followed.

  The summary is that any release of Derby can run against a database
  created by a previous release with either no upgrade, soft upgrade or
  hard upgrade mode, depending on the circumstance.
  This would mean that if some new feature was added to Derby, before a
  release occurred the correct upgrade code would have to be written, if
  the feature contributor did not provide it.
  Result: Three +1 votes.

[VOTE] Derby versioning:
  A vote was proposed related to the Derby upgrade policy vote.
  That the version scheme currently in place, and described in:
  be accepted in order to facilitate the upgrade policy voted on and  
  accepted in the Derby upgrade policy thread. As such, Derby versions  
  should take the following form: MAJOR.Minor.interim.point {beta} (build  
  identifier). As an example, the currently posted snapshot version of  
  Derby is (46005).
  Differences in the major version are used to identify large changes in  
  architecture and functionality, and for which upgrade is required.
  Differences in the minor version are used to identify changes in  
  functionality large enough to require an upgrade procedure for  
  databases from the previous version, and for which upgrade is required.
  Differences in the interim version are used to identify significant  
  differences in behavior of the database engine from the previous  
  interim version, but for which upgrade to databases is not required.
  Differences in the point version are used to identify that any amount  
  of change to the database engine has occurred from the previously  
  released point version.
  That the build identifier be used to distinguish the exact state of the  
  code from which any specific set of binaries have been compiled,
  That the beta flag in the version denote that the upgrade policy is in  
  an indeterminate state with respect to the previous version and, as  
  such, that an upgrade to a beta version of Derby is allowed, but an  
  upgrade from a beta version of Derby to any other version of Derby is  
  not allowed.
  I would like to further propose that, following that version scheme,  
  that releases from any branch have a specific version number and be  
  tagged in the repository. Thus, following this version scheme, the  
  forthcoming baseline release of Derby should be versioned, as  
  it includes changes which are not included in the first public version  
  of the source. Once the release is ready, the version on the trunk will  
  be changed to and then tagged in subversion.
  I would like to also further propose that before changes which would  
  require upgrade are allowed into the trunk, that the trunk be branched,  
  so that the branch can serve as the reference for the upgrade policy.  
  After branching, the minor (and/or major) version of the trunk will be  
  incremented, and the beta tag applied to indicate that significant  
  changes exist in the trunk which would require database upgrade and  
  that the code for performing the upgrade has not been rigorously  
  tested. As an example, before a change could be applied which would  
  require upgrade, a new 10.0 branch would be created and the trunk would  
  be reversioned beta, in order to distinguish the trunk from  
  the new branch and to allow changes that require a database upgrade  
  into the trunk.
  Result: Three +1 votes. Passed.

[VOTE] Re: Help detecting client disconnects for network server  

  Kathey Marsden proposed the following vote concerning the use of TCP keepalive
  for Network Server:
  1) Have keepAlive on by default. It seems important not only for locks
  but for potential network server bloat due to connections not getting
  cleaned up.  Result: Three +1 votes. Passed.
  2) Add a property derby.drda.keepAlive={true|false} (defaults to true as
  described above).  There seems to be a need to be able to turn keepAlive
  off in some cases.  Result: Two +1 votes, no objections. Passed.

  3) Add property derby.drda.connSoTimeout=<milliseconds> (defaults to 0,
  infinite) to provide the ability to have connections timeout after a
  period of inactivity. The connections will still timeout, even if the
  connection is working fine but will timeout after blocking on a read for
  this length of time.   I am about +.5 on this one.  It would be nice to
  provide the capability, but hesitate to add yet another property.
  Result: One +1 vote, objections noted. Not passed.

Copyright issues with the Derby codebase

  There were concerns over how the IBM copyright notices attached to the
  Derby source files were to be retained, if at all. For the discussion
  of the concerns surrounding this issue, please see:


  and the thread concerning the resolution of this issue:



Bug tracking has been set up at http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY 


A baseline release is in progress. This first release will be versioned
Any release must be approved by the Incubator PMC and must clearly be marked as
an incubator release, according to the Apache Incubator guidelines:


Open showstoppers:


Resolved showstoppers:

  DERBY-24 Client should not be able to raise an event on a PooledConnection
  it no longer owns.

  DERBY-32 Logic to prevent mutiple jvms booting the same database in parallel 
  to avoid accidental corruptions on Unix environment is not working.

Resolved non-showstoppers:

  DERBY-6 Trigger of the form: create trigger ... values myFunction(); has
  no effect.

  DERBY-14 Triggers do not evaluate functions in VALUES trigger actions.

  DERBY-21 ResultsetMetaData.getColumnClassName() for CLOB and BLOB datatypes is

  DERBY-30 Connection.close() method inconsistently throws exception on 
  closed connection

  DERBY-35 DRDA Chaining in Network Server is incorrect

  DERBY-38 Make LOCKS as non-reserved keyword in Derby since it is not a
  reserved keyword in the SQL standards

  DERBY-40 Cannot set default value for BIGINT

  DERBY-42 When using encryption, do not store the length information about the
  external key in service.properties

  DERBY-44 Support for like ? Escape ?

  DERBY-50 getMaxColumnNameLength() database metadata function returns incorrect
  DERBY-54 'retain' was not a keyword, now it is, possible schema impact
  DERBY-59 dblook currently has driver classes hard coded

  DERBY-67 Network Server on a 64 bit JVM fails with: Execution failed because 
  of a Distributed Protocol Error: DRDA_Proto_SYNTAXRM; CODPNT arg = 2116; Error
  Code Value = 14

  DERBY-72 IBM (c) message in properties files
Items deferred to next release:

  [PATCH] retrieveMessages... true by default in ij
  The original submitter of this patch (myrnap) requested that it not be applied to
  the current release due to an issue when setting the property on the command-line
  and passing the same property with the connection URL.

Other applied patches:

  [PATCH] Optimization of org.apache.derby.impl.services.uuid.BasicUUID.toByteArray()
  [PATCH] Set Derby's build number to be the subversion revision number
  [PATCH] derby.war file build
  [PATCH] derby.log file error message
  [PATCH] Network servlet display only message key
  [PATCH] added 3 more parser generated files to the clobber target in main build.xml
  [PATCH] Various fixes to javadoc generation
  [PATCH] Trigger Bug Fix
  [PATCH] Fix to prevent empty log file switches that could cause recovery failures
  [PATCH] ExternalSortFactory Bug Fix
  [PATCH] Modify dblook messages to enable localization ...
  [PATCH] minor bugs in dblook 
  [PATCH] Extension Packaging
  [PATCH] DB Shutdown fix for Network Server

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