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From "Bernt M. Johnsen" <Bernt.John...@sun.com>
Subject Qouted index names
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 08:36:41 GMT

Is there a reason for handling quoted index names different from other
quoted names? As I understand SQL, i1 and "i1" are different
identifiers, also for indexes, but derby gives warning:

ij> create index i1 on t1 (i);
0 rows inserted/updated/deleted
ij> create index "i1" on t1 (i);
0 rows inserted/updated/deleted
WARNING 01504: The new index is a duplicate of an existing index: I1.

A minor detail, but if nobody objects, I'll file an issue.
Bernt Marius Johnsen, Database Technology Group, Sun Microsystems, Norway

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