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From Jeff Levitt <de...@mylevita.com>
Subject Re: [patch] [doc] updatable ResultSets [having trouble applying patch]
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 05:54:49 GMT

--- scott hutinger
<srh@www.mprojects.Horrabin.wiu.edu> wrote:
> I always use (in linux/unix)
> patch -p0 < patchfile.diff
> The -p0 means use the current path.  For example, if
> the diff was 
> created in trunk, then if you are trying to patch in
> trunk, then I 
> always use -p0.  If, for some reason, I was down one
> level in src, and 
> the diff was from the trunk, then I would use: patch
> -p1 < 
> patchfile.diff.  That get's rid of the trunk path.

Cool thanks Scott!  Jean, can you try committing the
original patch that was failing with Scott's suggested
command?  If it still fails, then try the one I just
sent tonight.  I think the one you were failing with
should be tried first to see if it works.

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