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From siss...@insession.com
Subject Instructions for the setup of path for jikes in BUILDING.txt incorrect?
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 12:37:01 GMT
I installed jikes 1.14 on Windows and the jikes-1.14-windows.zip expanded 
into the following:


Note that the jikes executable is in a bin subdirectory (at least on the 
windows version - can anyone confirm if this is the same on UNIX), but the 
installation instructions in BUILDING.txt do not take this into account.

The current instructions should be changed from:

     setenv PATH ${ant.dir}/bin:${jikes.dir}:$PATH -- On unix(csh)
     export PATH=${ant.dir}/bin:${jikes.dir}:$PATH -- On unix(ksh)
     set PATH=${ant.dir}\bin;${jikes.dir};%PATH%   -- On Windows


     setenv PATH ${ant.dir}/bin:${jikes.dir}/bin:$PATH -- On unix(csh)
     export PATH=${ant.dir}/bin:${jikes.dir}/bin:$PATH -- On unix(ksh)
     set PATH=${ant.dir}\bin;${jikes.dir}\bin;%PATH%   -- On Windows

I am happy to create a patch if someone can confirm whether changes are 
also required for UNIX paths.



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