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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Podling status reports
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:45:25 GMT

Every month, a subset of the Apache top-level projects are required
to submit status reports to the ASF board.  The incubator project is
a little different, since it's a project of projects, and reports
every single month.

For a normal top-level project, the project chair assembles and
submits the report.  For the incubator, the incubator chair pulls
together reports from all of the active podlings and rolls that

So once a month each podling needs to submit a status report to the
general@incubator.apache.org list.  The incubator chair typically
sends a reminder to that list a few days before the reports are due.

All the report really needs to be is a few paragraphs describing
significant activities and accomplishments since the last report.
There's no specific individual responsible for doing this; the
report should be assembled on the dev discussion list.  Examples
from other podlings can be seen on the general@incubator.apache.org
list as an aid to building our own.

Something as simple as:

"Since our last report, the Derby podling has accepted an additional
committer and made another interim software release.  The mailing
lists continue active, and high-energy discussions have included
X, Y, and Z.  We decided that Y was worth pursuing.

"We feel that Derby is essentially ready to graduate from the incubator,
lacking only a sufficient diversity of committers.  The progress
on that front is blah blah blah.

"<something about the pending client contribution>"

And that's basically it.

Basing this at least in part on the STATUS file is typical.  Posting
a draft to the dev list a few days before it's due allows everyone a chance
to offer suggestions or note things that got missed.

Who does all this is a self-selecting thing.  It is preferable for
someone to take the initiative rather than everyone expecting someone
else to do it.  That, too, is a sign of a healthy community.
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