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From Jack Klebanoff <klebanoff-de...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Formatting patch
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 01:43:34 GMT
I vote for using spaces for indentation. There is no universally 
accepted standard for tab width. If a file uses tabs then the 
indentation looks off if your editor has a different tab width setting. 
Things get really bad if a file is edited using different tab width 
settings: then no tab width setting works correctly for the whole file.

Jack Klebanoff

David Van Couvering wrote:

> I opened the files in vi and set tabstop to 4 and things do look a lot 
> better.  I will adjust NetBeans to this formatting.  Do you want tabs 
> for indentation, or spaces?
> I can't tell, but it sounds like you won't be committing this patch?  
> I need to know so I can know whether to apply my logical changes to 
> the files with the old formatting or the new formatting...
> Thanks,
> David
> Mike Matrigali wrote:
>> Unfortunately from the beginning there was no imposed standard on
>> the original cloudscape code.  Predominantly most of the code is
>> 4 space indentation, with 8 space tabs.  Unfortunately there are
>> some files that have been screwed up by IDE's.  I like braces on
>> a new line, but would say there is a large percentage of code with
>> the other convention.  Worst are files with both, changing code to
>> be consistent in one file seems reasonable to me.
>> I just took a look at RunSuite.java and the indentation did not look
>> that off to me (line 91-93 looks off, but a quick look did not find
>> any other problems). (I use vim and others use emacs so we could provide
>> settings if necessary).
>> The test suite code is one of the worst offenders and had been
>> scheduled for a complete rewrite, but just never got the work allocated.
>> It seemed better to contribute the tests in their existing state since
>> they worked, rather than wait to fix them up.
>> David Van Couvering wrote:
>>> Hi.  I am working on supporting tests with multiple databases, and have
>>> been working with org.apache.derbyTesing.harness.RunSuite and RunList.
>>> Both of these have some pretty "odd" formatting which has actually made
>>> it hard for me to read and understand the logic, so I ran "reformat" in
>>> NetBeans to get everything lined up.  I tried to follow the standard
>>> formatting that I seem to be seeing in the Derby code, in particular
>>> braces on a new line, two spaces (no tabs) for indentation.  Scanning
>>> the mailing list, I don't see any votes about a specific coding 
>>> standard...
>>> I'd like to submit this as a separate patch so you don't get a huge
>>> number of diffs when I submit the patch that makes logical changes.

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