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From Satheesh Bandaram <sathe...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Availability of Derby client ...
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 22:34:32 GMT
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As Kathy Saunders
announced in February, IBM is contributing attached
Derby client to Apache Derby project. Derby client is a type 4 JDBC
client driver that is designed to work with Derby Network Server.<br>
I am attaching:<br>
  <li>High-level functional specification of Derby client. This
document covers functionality, driver and datasource properties,
setting up CLASSPATH, tracing support, security mechanism and testing
  <li>Patch with changes to Derby build. (DerbyClientPatch.txt)</li>
  <li>Since Derby client code base was too large to for an attachment,
it can be
downloaded from: <a
To build Derby client,<br>
(Below&nbsp; ${derby.source} refers to the root of your derby source)<br>
  <li>Apply the patch DerbyClientPatch.txt. </li>
  <li>Unjar DerbyClientSource.jar into ${derby.source}/java directory.
This should create a 'client' directory under ${derby.source}/java,
with org.apache.derby.jdbc and org.apache.derby.client packages and a
total of 116 java files under the client directory.</li>
  <li>The client code is built as part of the standard derby build, and
the <b>buildjars </b>target will also create derbyclient.jar.</li>
<blockquote>To perform a clean jar build, go to ${derby.source} and
ant clobber<br>
ant buildjars<br>
  <li>After this,&nbsp; derbyclient.jar would be placed under 'sane' or
'insane' sub-directories of ${derby.source}/jars depending on your SANE
property value.</li>
I call for a vote to accept Derby client by end of next week. (<b>April
I am very excited to have this submission!!! I vote +1 to accept this
as part of Derby.<br>

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