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From Andrew McIntyre <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Updated snapshot jars
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2005 04:03:06 GMT
Hello all,

This afternoon I updated the snapshot jars posted on the downloads  
page. It would be great for anyone interested in the Derby network  
client driver which was recently added to the trunk ( alpha),  
or any other recently added feature or bugfix in which you are  
interested, to test them out and report your findings. Those interested  
in testing Derby on their favorite platform/JVM will find the  
corresponding derbyTesting.jar in the snapshot file. Also, please note  
that the zip snapshots were generated on Windows and the tar.gz  
snapshots were generated on Unix, so text files in the snapshots should  
have the proper line endings.

Here are the highlights for each new snapshot: alpha - FOR TESTING ONLY. Please see the warning about using  
alpha releases on the downloads page:


- Derby network client driver added. Use the included derbyclient.jar  
in place of db2jcc.jar. Additional information on its use can be found  
in the functional specification attached to this post:  
- DATE and TIMESTAMP functions which correctly match the documentation
- First phase of online compress functionality
- Derby-176: queries with extensive joins no longer cause java linkage  
- Derby-186: Set currentPosition for scrollable cursors when moving  
past the last row
- Derby-134: Improvement to allow ordering by expressions, instead of  
correlation names or column positions only.
- Derby-96: beginning support for recovery from out-of-order log records
- Derby-106: spill BackingStoreHashTables to disk to prevent out of  
memory errors in hash joins
- DERBY-158: PRIMARY KEY does not imply NOT NULL
- Preliminary JSR169 support
- Snapshot includes demo and scripts
- Fixed Eclipse plugin version specification
- Lots more that I've left out :-) - please note that this is not an official release
- LOCAL is no longer a reserved keyword
- Demos and scripts included in the snapshot
- Fixed Eclipse plugin version specification

A full list of fixed bugs in each version can be found here:  


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