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From Susan Cline <home4...@pacbell.net>
Subject Re: jdbcapi/testRelative intermittent diff
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 17:18:53 GMT
Hi Shreyas,
It looks like Jean made a pretty good suggestion about adding it to the
papers tab:
She gives the following suggestion about how to edit site.xml, and assuming
your paper is called debugtest.xml it would work something like this:
However, it might work well for us to add a "Building Derby" category
for the papers tab and add your paper to that. Put your debugtest.xml
file in the paper subdirectory, then try adding this to your site.xml:

    <build_derby label="Building Derby" href="papers/" tab="papers">
       <debugtest label="Debugging test failures" href="debugtest.html"
description="Debugging Test Failures"/>
You'll also need to edit index.xml under the papers directory - it sounds like we can
have a new section, 'Building Derby', where both your paper and John Sisson's posts
about Building Derby with Eclipse could go in the future.
Have you tried doing this?  Are you having a problem formatting the xml?  If so, you might
want to use a browser like IE to verify the xml is well formed prior to even trying to build
it in forrest.
Let me know if you need additional help.
Shreyas Kaushik <Shreyas.Kaushik@Sun.COM> wrote:
Hi Susan,

Thanks for all the help. I am not modifying any existing manuals. I just 
want to add a new section and most likely that will go into papers ( I 
have been waiting for response as to, which category my doc should go ) .

I sent out a seperate mail containing the doc , the mail subject read 
"Adding new documentation for debugging test failures in the test 

If you can suggest something here that would be great!!!

~ Shreyas

Susan Cline wrote:

> Hi Shreyas,
> I noticed you mentioned how long it takes to build the Apache Web site 
> using forrest.
> Are the changes you are making related to the manuals, or are they 
> related to
> one of the other areas of the web site, like Home, Community, Papers 
> or Integration?
> If they are not related to the manuals then you can mv the 'manuals' 
> directory under
> $FORREST_HOME/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs to 'manuals-save' when
> you are testing your builds. Once you are satisfied with the way 
> everything looks for
> the final build (if you have not changed anything in the manuals 
> directory), mv 'manuals-save'
> back to 'manuals'. At least then you won't have to wait an hour each 
> time you make
> a change to one of the other categories, only for the last build.
> You'll see BROKEN links during the build, but as long as they are only 
> related to those
> pages in the manuals, you know they have nothing to do with the 
> changes you are making.
> Again, if you are directly editing the manuals, disregard this 
> suggestion. Although, if you
> are only editing one of the manuals you could use this suggestion to 
> move the other directories such as 'admin' to 'admin-save', etc, if 
> you wanted to.
> If this doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll clarify.
> Susan
> */Shreyas Kaushik /* wrote:
> >>I have the document ready. What I am having some problem is testing
> >>whether my document has the right formatting,etc by integrating
> >>it into the Derby site and building the site using Forrest. It is a
> >>painful task doing this and the build process is ultra slow :-( .
> >>Forrest builds everything even for a small change and it takes almost
> >>an hour , sometimes more to build the site :-(
> >>

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