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From "ōystein GrÝvlen" <Oystein.Grov...@sun.com>
Subject Schema issues?
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 12:14:51 GMT

I have a few questions to the following ij-session:

ij version 10.1
ij> connect 'jdbc:derby:TestDB;create=true;user="user1";password="user1"';
ij> create table testschema.testtab(num int, addr varchar(40));
0 rows inserted/updated/deleted
ij> insert into testtab2 values(7000, 'TRONDHEIM');
ERROR 42Y07: Schema 'user1' does not exist

 - Derby seems to automatically create schemas that are referred by
   create table.  Is this according to the standard?  I think this
   behavior is problematic since mis-spellings of schema names will
   not be caught.

 - I would expect "Table 'testtab2' does not exist" for the insert
   statement.  I guess what happens here is that Derby tries to find
   the table in the default schema which is 'user1' since I am
   connected as this user.  It then discovers that this schema does
   not exists and flag this error.  In my opinion, the error message
   is confusing and should be considered a bug.  I can create a Jira
   issue for this, but I would like to hear what other people think.

 - In my opinion, a default schema should be created by default.  Is
   there any particular reason for not doing so?

ōystein GrÝvlen, Senior Staff Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Database Technology Group
Trondheim, Norway

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