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From Jeff Levitt <de...@mylevita.com>
Subject Re: DITA docs & conrefs & xalan & ant & ...
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 17:09:13 GMT

--- Fred Baube <fred@metadoc.fi> wrote:
> Thanks to all for help with previous questions.
> Here's another :)
> I'm generating the PDF's in a servlet, using
> stylesheets 
> straight from DITAOT-1.0, and Xalan.  I'm finding
> that 
> many parameters are missing from the final output.
> For 
> example, in adminguide/"Purpose of this Guide":
> 	This guide explains how to use in a multiple-client
> 	environment. It also provides information that a 
> 	server administrator might need to keep running 
> 	with high performance and reliability in a server 
> 	framework or a multiple-client application server. 
> 	(When running in embedded mode, databases typically
> 	do not need any administration.)
> If I examine the source, I find that the XML element
> 	<ph
> conref="adminconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"/>
> has not been replaced.  It and many other properties
> are
> defined in adminconrefs.dita .  
> So, my Xalan environment in my servlet is not
> successfully 
> resolving these conref's.  What am I missing ?  An
> argument 
> to Xalan ?  A stylesheet specific to Derby ?  A
> quick look
> at the "make pdf" target does not reveal any clues. 
> thanks,
> fred baube


I had similar problems before I started using the ant
build in the dita toolkit.  I had to manually copy the
merged dita file that I created with xalan using
topicmerge.xsl over to my FOP directory in order for
FOP to create a pdf.  However, the merged dita file
did not include the information in the conrefs file,
so I ended up not having those resolve in my PDF.  I
ended up copying the conrefs file (adminconrefs.dita
for example) to the FOP directory as well, and they
ended up resolving.  

So its hard to say where you need to put the
adminconrefs.dita file based on the information you
have provided.  Without knowing how you set up your
servlet, I can't say where it needs to go.  But I can
definitely say that you need to copy it to wherever
your merged ditafile ends up during processing.  If
you can explain more on how your servlet is set up
(directories, process, etc.), I can maybe give you a
more definitive answer, although based on what I just
told you, you may resolve it without any further help.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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