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From Fred Baube <f...@metadoc.fi>
Subject DITA docs & conrefs & xalan & ant & ...
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 11:52:57 GMT
Thanks to all for help with previous questions. Here's another :)

I'm generating the PDF's in a servlet, using stylesheets 
straight from DITAOT-1.0, and Xalan.  I'm finding that 
many parameters are missing from the final output. For 
example, in adminguide/"Purpose of this Guide":

	This guide explains how to use in a multiple-client 
	environment. It also provides information that a 
	server administrator might need to keep running 
	with high performance and reliability in a server 
	framework or a multiple-client application server. 
	(When running in embedded mode, databases typically 
	do not need any administration.)

If I examine the source, I find that the XML element

	<ph conref="adminconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"/>

has not been replaced.  It and many other properties are
defined in adminconrefs.dita .  

So, my Xalan environment in my servlet is not successfully 
resolving these conref's.  What am I missing ?  An argument 
to Xalan ?  A stylesheet specific to Derby ?  A quick look
at the "make pdf" target does not reveal any clues. 


fred baube

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