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From "Matthias" <amor.aete...@gmx.de>
Subject Direct access to tables during compilation
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 16:15:41 GMT

This is Matthias and I'm a novice to the Derby system internals but I
want to implement some prototype functionality to the Derby Core for my
thesis! Especially it's
about a more sophisticated CUBE implementation not beeing implemented in
Derby at all. I've read some papers about Derby system internals and got to
know to
the sqlgrammar.jj but this myriad of functions and different classes
referenced by the grammar file puzzles me at all (I read the source code but
did not get an idea where the "Activation" takes place or the "Generation"
of code in according to the QueryTree. I've got two different
goals: manipulate the grammar for my GROUPING BY COMBINATIONS(<column
list>,int,int) statement (it's a generalization of the CUBE operator) (no
really problem) and to get direct access to tables (and rows) during the
compilation process to get some information about the tables/columns
referenced in the GROUPING BY COMBINATIONS statement.
Can anybody give me advise to my second problem? I've been reading through
the mailing list since "Sep. 04", but nothing interesting until now.

If this description is too fuzzy, please let me know
Thanks in advance

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