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From Mamta Satoor <msat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [doc] updatable ResultSets
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 15:12:58 GMT
> ref/rrefjdbc77156.dita
> In the java.sql.ResultSet section, under "JDBC 2.0
> ResultSet Methods Supported" I made the following
> changes:
> - added info. for updatable ResultSets to
> getConcurrency() function
> - added deleteRow() function to the table
> - added information about updatable ResultSets and
> the auto-commit feature to the Note at the end of the
> document.
> - emphasized that insertRow() and updateRow()
> functions are not supported for updatable ResultSets.

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for taking the time to work on the documentation. 

Derby now does support updateRow() and so ref/rrefjdbc77156.dita needs
to be modified to reflect so. Also, if there is any other place in the
documentation, where we mention that the support is only for deleteRow
will need to changed too.

thanks again,

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