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From scott hutinger <s-hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject Re: Problems building DITA docs
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 19:27:15 GMT
Hi Jeff,
That's a good idea, and I wonder why it fixed your problem?  I still 
have the same problem related to the parser:

Fatal Error! XML document structures must start and end within the same 
     [xslt] Failed to process 

/home/srh/src/derby-d/doc/trunk/DITA-OT1.0/build.xml:616: The following 
error occurred while executing this line:
/home/srh/src/derby-d/doc/trunk/DITA-OT1.0/build.xml:680: The following 
error occurred while executing this line:
/home/srh/src/derby-d/doc/trunk/DITA-OT1.0/pretargets.xml:120: Fatal 
error during transformation

Total time: 3 minutes 4 seconds

Jeff Levitt wrote:

>--- Jeff Levitt <derby@mylevita.com> wrote:
>>So with this new development, I now suspect that
>>something in our ant file or the way that it calls
>>jar files or the xsl files is different than what
>>in the original build file....any guesses?
>Fred and Scott,
>I'd like you each to try to build the docs using the
>original ant file.  If you also get successful builds,
>then we can confirm that the ant file we have modified
>is the problem.  Here's what to do:
>Run ant from the trunk/DITA-OT1.0/ directory instead
>of from trunk/.  The original ant build.xml file is in
>that directory.  You will get a series of prompts. 
>For the first prompt, enter the full location of the
>ditamap that fails on your machine.  For Fred, it was
>the getting started guide.  For Scott, I think it was
>the reference manual.  For me on Windows, it was the
>adminguide, so for example I enter:
>For the next prompt, just use the default out
>diretory.  The third prompt asks for an output format.
> Enter PDF.
>Enter a "y" for the final prompt.
>You will get a bunch of errors and warnings, more than
>usual (because Andrew's build file fixed a lot of
>those) but you SHOULD get a BUILD SUCCESSFUL message
>at the end, which is what we need to see.  Please let
>us all know if that is what you get.  I am crossing my
>fingers :)

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