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From scott hutinger <s-hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject Re: Problems building DITA docs
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 17:23:24 GMT
scott hutinger wrote:

> Also, the DITA-OT1.0 I have doesn't have /src/ on the machine I am 
> currently on.  I think the link normally takes one to the beta 
> DITA-OT1.0 files.  Was this the beta or the 1.0?  (I think they both 
> have the same name when they are unzipped).
> thanks
> scott
> Fred Baube wrote:
>> I did a fresh checkout just now (revision 159481) and encoun-
>> tered these problems trying to run "ant pdf" and "ant html":
>> - file  src/getstart/tgssetupjavaenvir.dita  had a PI  at the end of 
>> the file which had to be removed
>> - the Java source in  DITA-OT1.0/src/  had to be built,
>>  zipped, and placed on my CLASSPATH
How exactly did you build these files, the build doesn't compile these 
classes in place (in the src directory), so normally setting this 
classpath won't work.  I did a build of DITA-OT1.0 (both beta and 1.0) 
and how I did a build was:
(The following mkdir's were done so the ant build didn't fail)
mkdir lib
mkdir out
mkdir out/doc
mkdir out/doc/articles
mkdir build
ant build
ant -f buildPackage.xml
  this command puts in the build directory:
  DITA-OT1.0_bin.tar.gz  and DITA-OT1.0_bin.zip
I did a build with the source built above and it worked without 
unzipping DITA-OT1.0 (although xerces failed (not related to your error)).
But the build also filled in the lib directory.

I hand compiled the dita src/ files in question, and set the classpath 
to DITA-OT1.0/src without building the package, it worked up to my failure.

Are you using cygwin?  I haven't tried a build with this, and it does 
map in /opt/.  I couldn't get to your error without adding the xerces 
build to fix the buffer under x86linux, and didn't get failure the way I 
think you have your build setup.  Which makes me wonder if you are using 
cygwin and the character mappings might be doing something else strange?

Also, what did you use to compile the DITA sources?


>> - I am encountering an NPE when building both PDF  and HTML (the NPE 
>> is the same in both cases):
>> topicpull:
>>     [xslt] Transforming into /opt/trunk/temp
>>     [xslt] Processing /opt/trunk/temp/cgsinsta.dita to 
>> /opt/trunk/temp/cgsinsta.dita.pull
>>     [xslt] Loading stylesheet 
>> /opt/trunk/DITA-OT1.0/xsl/preprocess/topicpull.xsl
>>     [xslt] : Error! null
>>     [xslt] Failed to process /opt/trunk/temp/cgsinsta.dita
>> /opt/trunk/build.xml:93: The following error occurred while executing 
>> this line:/opt/trunk/build.xml:137: The following error occurred 
>> while executing this line:
>> /opt/trunk/DITA-OT1.0/pretargets.xml:120: 
>> javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: java.lang.NullPointerException
>> The offending block (line 120 of DITA-OT1.0/pretargets.xml) is this:
>>    <xslt processor="trax"
>>          basedir="${dita.temp.dir}"
>>          destdir="${dita.temp.dir}"
>>          includes="${fullditatopc.list}"
>>          extension="${dita.extname}.pull"
>>          style="xsl/preprocess/topicpull.xsl">
>> thx!/hth
>> fred baube

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