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From scott hutinger <...@www.mprojects.Horrabin.wiu.edu>
Subject Re: [doc] Simplified DITA instructions
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 00:45:28 GMT
Jeff Levitt wrote:

>>It appears that in both of these errors, the
>>references to other rule
>>numbers in the list had been unintentionally left
>>out of
>>rrefsqlj108319.dita and that the <xref>s were meant
>>to be placeholders
>>and did not have the correct format. Attached is a
>>simple patch that
>>should correct those two errors. Jeff, can you
>>verify that this is the
>>right thing to do? If it is I will go ahead and
>>check this in.
>Scott, which xsl file were you using?  Were you using
>the one from the toolkit or my modified one?  Because
>my modified one had fixes in it that were supposed to
>cause errors like this to go away.  If you were using
>mine, then yes I think we should make some changes. 
>But if you were using the original one, that is an
>error that the Toolkit will fix once they catch up to
>me :)
>Andrew, did you attach your patch?  I didnt see it on
>the email.
I tried both, although when I inserted yours I may have done this 
incorrectly.  What I did was remove the toolkits, move yours into that 
space, then add without an overwrite of yours with  the toolkit stuff.  
I still had some problems, although I didn't save the output log of that 
specific build.  I didn't add the newest *shell*.xsl that you sent me on 
that specific try.
I think I also used the beta toolkit on the last try, as it was leftover 
from going from 1.0 to beta and back etc...

I am pretty certain that my move of your files wasn't quite correct.


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