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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Thoughts on the to-do list
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 05:36:08 GMT
In reexamining the to-do list I think we should consider  identifying some low hanging fruit
or mark projects as beginner, intermediate and advanced. We could add  in notes for recommended
implementation and perhaps identify  a  committer willing to volunteer not to do the
project but serve as mentor or consultant on the project, promising to at least respond to
questions that the implementer asks on the list if not answered by someone else, review code
submissions etc.  This way can give potential contributors the support they need to add value
to Derby and reach committer status.
For the low hanging fruit, not only features, but bugfixes could be identified as well.

In an even more interactive scenario, less experienced developers could team up with those
working on projects of interest and learn a lot.  I am sure everyone who is working on Derby
could  could  use help on the projects that we are working on, so if you are interested in
anything that is going on, please speak up and I am sure there is plenty to do.  

A couple of items off the top of my head in  the beginner low hanging fruit category.

The long identifier patch was very close and just needed resolution of some test issues and
some tests added  I think.  Maybe somebody could contact that person and offer to clean up
their patch if they will resubmit it with the changes.  I think (not sure) the original author
has to submit it but I could be wrong here.

The repro for Derby- 176 
Derby throws ERROR XBCM1: Java linkage error thrown during load of generated class org.apache.derby.exe.aced07c066x0102xca87x3319x00004aa5686e1
during execution of large query
could really use some additional test cases, to get the code generation issue fixed for sure
this time. Think big, big in clauses, huge joins, anything you can do in a big way.  The repro
was submitted in the functional tests format. We could go ahead and check it in with low limits
and raise them up as we fix the issues.

Rename that darn DB2jServerImpl to NetworkServerControlImpl.  Every week I tell myself I'm
going to do it but just never do.

Clean up the javadoc. 

Help facilitate the new and improved to-do list.  Maybe a wiki would be good.

Incorporate more tests into the network server suite. 

In the intermediate category.

I would really love to do some performance, capacity and memory work on Network Server and
I think there are lots of opportunities there.  It's not that much code either so perhaps
less intimidating than diving into the core database.

Anyway, just a few thoughts, but I would be really interested in hearing what folks are interested
in working on, because I could make a big list of things that nobody cared about and that
wouldn't be that productive.  I would love to hear what projects folks want to work on (whether
they feel they can take it on alone or not) and then we can bring our to-do list to life.

Thanks  for listening

Please post your ideas.


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