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From scott hutinger <s-hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject Re: [doc] Simplified DITA instructions
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 22:30:00 GMT
I tried the ant build "ant pdf", but more than likely didn't follow all 
the directions completely.  I didn't add any files that might be newer 
(Jeffs).  More than likely I am missing something in CLASSPATH, and this 
problem might help someone in the future. I did come up with this:

     [xslt] Processing 
/home/srh/src/derby-d/docs/trunk/temp/rrefdmdfns1.dita to 
     [xslt] Processing 
/home/srh/src/derby-d/docs/trunk/temp/rrefdmrs.dita to 
     [xslt] home/srh/src/derby-d/docs/trunk/temp/rrefdmrs.dita:14:32: 
Fatal Error! XML document structures must start and end within the same 
     [xslt] Failed to process 

/home/srh/src/derby-d/docs/trunk/build.xml:121: The following error 
occurred while executing this line:
/home/srh/src/derby-d/docs/trunk/build.xml:137: The following error 
occurred while executing this line:
/home/srh/src/derby-d/docs/trunk/DITA-OT1.0/pretargets.xml:120: Fatal 
error during transformation
Total time: 5 minutes 59 seconds

14:</reference><?Pub *0000000832?>

  <target name="topicpull" depends="debug-filter">
    <xslt processor="trax"
120:                style="xsl/preprocess/topicpull.xsl">
        <param name="DITAEXT" expression="${dita.extname}" 

Jeff Levitt wrote:

>OK, so Andrew created a new build.xml file for ant
>that we can use for building docs from the DITA
>source.  His ant file is more specific to our tasks,
>and is much simpler to use.  He checked it in to svn
>with the DITA files, and he also added the fop jar
>files.  So now all you need to do to build is grab the
>DITA trunk directory using svn, and then install the
>DITA toolkit within the trunk!  If you set your
>classpath correctly to include Ant and Fop, everything
>should work!  There is no need for saxon, since Ant
>includes Xalan.
>So to make things easy, I went ahead and modified the
>site to remove the section on DITA from the Manuals
>page.  I then created a new file called dita.xml that
>provides instructions for creating output in PDF and
>HTML from the DITA.  I am including them with this
>note, the changes affect site.xml, manuals/index.xml,
>and adds manual/dita.xml.
>Jean, if no one has any objections, if you put these
>files up it should make things VERY simple.

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