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From Jack Klebanoff <klebanoff-de...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Using DOTS as Derby System Test
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 03:43:20 GMT
Ramandeep Kaur wrote:

> Hi,
> Database Open Source Test Suite (DOTS) is a test suite designed for 
> stress testing on database systems. Apache Derby was tested with DOTS 
> to investigate its usefulness as a system test. After several 
> iterations of the test, it was found that DOTS may provide some value 
> to Derby as a system test. I have written a document to provide 
> information to the Derby community regarding the use of DOTS as a 
> system test suite.  I am attaching the document to this message.
> Thanks,
> Raman
> (ramank@yngvi.org)
In her attached PDF file Ramandeep wrote "the jvm memory size will 
depend on how long the test cases will be executed for". This sounds 
like Derby has a memory leak, which is a real problem. The memory usage 
should quickly rise to a peak and then level off, unless the test driver 
has a memory leak itself, or it steadily increases the number of open 
connections, PreparedStatements, etc.

Jack Klebanoff

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