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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: Single JDK14 compile model?
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 20:48:29 GMT
Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Daniel John Debrunner wrote:

>> Hopefully I made it clear in my other e-mail, but the issue is not how
>> the code is laid out, but do we want to require Derby contributors &
>> committers to download multiple JDKs to build Derby, or a single one?
>> And how do I make progress on J2ME if developers cannot download a J2ME
>> environment?
> I still see this as an effect of the one-jar-fits-all model that
> requires everything to be built all the time.

I think we are getting closer to understanding each other, I still
disagree that it's a packaging issue, but it does arise from the
requirement that a single compile environment produce all the code for
all the platforms.

> Under this model, I could do all my development and testing using 1.4
> and the JDCB3.0 modules and you would do all your development and
> testing using J2ME and the JSR169 modules. 

So this would be a change from the current Derby model. I'm new to open
source so I'm unclear how this would work in practise. If a contributor
or committer working only in JDK 1.4 submits or commits a patch from
that breaks the build in the JDK 1.3 and/or J2ME, what happens?

Would the patch be veto'ed until it compiles in all the environments? If
so, then there is an implicit requirement for all developers to have all
the compile environments and the process is more manual, thus more error

Or is the build in the other environments simply broken until someone
who cares about that platform fixes it? Bad for quality as other
undetected problems can be added to that environment while the build is

That situation cannot arise today because of the single compile model.

> We take care in shared code
> not to use features that are not available in the other platform. We
> both make progress, and rapidly because we can concentrate on the
> feature we're working on rather than the cross-platform build.

Once you downloaded the initial requirements to build Derby, how much
time have you spent worrying about the cross-platform build, which
occurs automatically? Beyond the initial download I believe it is not a
time drain.


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