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From scott hutinger <s-hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject Re: DITA forrest jira
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 17:16:46 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:

> scott hutinger wrote:
>> Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>>> I asked the derby-ppmc and legal-discuss lists about using the 
>>> SourceForge DITA Toolkit.
>>> I guess there's no issue with just *using* software with a CPL 
>>> license (for example, lots of apache projects use JUnit, which is 
>>> also under the CPL).
>>> But here's the issue. Files in the Toolkit are meant to be copied, 
>>> then modified for a specific project, which lets that project 
>>> override Toolkit defaults. But modifying those files creates 
>>> derivative works under the CPL and those files can't be checked into 
>>> an Apache source code repository.
>> Can't they be checked in as is, then pre-processed via a script to 
>> make any needed changes?  Or does the script that modifies those 
>> files also violate the derivative work, since it's sole intent is to 
>> modify the CPL files, therefore linked to a derivative work in some 
>> strange way.   I would guess that would indicate a patch file, which 
>> is a derivative work.  But, that file could also exist outside the 
>> realm, which causes problems in itself...
> If "they" refers to the unmodified toolkit files, my understanding is 
> files under a CPL license, derived or not, can't be checked into apache.
Yes "they" referred to the toolkit files.  I think the point you bring 
up about forrest downloaded the toolkit if needed was very good, and yes 
this is part of the functionality of plugins.

> I think we just need to keep our "derby stuff" separate from toolkit 
> stuff.
> It might seem inconvenient to require developers to separately 
> download something to build the docs, but, in fact, this is already 
> how the derby code works. You check out the code tree and separately 
> download the software required to build it.
> I've been nosing around the forrest plugins and it looks like a 
> forrest plugin could make it easy to download/access files in the 
> toolkit. (Plus I spotted the activity at 
> http://mail-archives.eu.apache.org/mod_mbox/forrest-dev/200412.mbox/%3c41B32236.1030904@apache.org%3e

> ). But I confess that many of these details are over my head and I 
> don't have bandwidth to unwind and understand them all.
I'm glad you refreshed my memory about that subject.  I was sort of in a 
holding pattern due to a couple changes and additions to forrest in the 
near future.  From what I think I know, one plug-in is needed for the 
functionality to exist.  I don't think this plug-in is finished at the 
point, although I haven't been following that thread lately.  Hmmm, 
searching brings up fbits being used, so I think I should probably svn 
up forrest and check out the changes... :-)


> Scott, is there any chance you might be interested in looking into the 
> feasibility of a forrest dita plugin option? I figured since you're 
> already on the forrest dev list you might be...
>  -jean

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